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Bombs in Bempton

15th January 2013

On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Snow was falling... So I started the show at 5am (an hour early) to relay the important info. Thankfully it was nothing like what we say yesterday. But some schools were closed and travel conditions got tricky as the snow started to fall again around 8am. Thanks for all your updates on what was happening where! And enjoy your 'snow day' if you're off today!

'Street Of The Week'... This week is Church Street in Whitby and i'm on the look out for three things from those that live and work on Church Street. I'm there this afternoon so look out for me with my microphone!! The three items i'm needing are:
1) People who've been on the TV
2) People who've never been in the grounds of Whitby Abbey
3) The most gullible people on Church Street#

What's the strangest thing you've ever found?...We heard from Dave in Scarborough who found a bomb near Bempton and took it on a bus to Scarborough Police Station. When they realised what it was they evacuated the building! The bomb was taken to Catterick and blown up! Amazingly he dropped the bomb 3 times on the bumpy bus ride from Bempton to Scarborough! Thanks for all your calls and comments online.. Paul from Brid said the strangest thing he'd found was.... his girlfriend! We also got:

Sandra Young from Whitby: I was checking a bag of donated goods at the PDSA in Whitby when I found a set of false teeth.
Dave Garrity from Bridlington: I was on honeymoon and found some volcanic rock on the beach in the perfect shape of a loveheart and still have it today.
Jackie Boyes from Hunmanby: A prayin mantis in my suit case after hols in cyprus!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was about Goathland and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway being the second longest private railway in Britain and Goathland being Hogwarts Station in the Harry Potter films. Got a fact about your part of the Yorkshire Coast or your local group or even an individual from the area email

Tomorrow On Paddy In The Morning...

We hear from the peolpe of Church Street in Whitby for the first time as part of my "Street Of The Week". 

I'll also be asking them to nominate their favourite building on the Yorkshire Coast too!

And i'll find some families having a "snow day" - Find out just how much fun they're having on the slopes on an unplanned day off school / work! it's an excuse for me to go sledging really!

Here's my Yorkshire Coast Radio Snowman! Modelled it on News boy Jon Burke! Although it's smiling more!


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