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Bizarre ways you've injured yourself

16th January 2013

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On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Street Of The Week... We heard from the people of Church Street, Whitby which is my 'Street Of The Week' this week! I'm after three things: Ever been on the TV? Never been in the grounds of Whitby Abbey? Are you really gullible? We heard from Catherine who told her colleague Becky that her prized piece of Whitby Jet (the biggest piece in the world) had been stolen in a burglary! She was frantic! That's just cruel! We also heard from Stewart Perkins from the White Horse & Griffin who'd been on TV only last week talking about the recent landslip in Whitby. He has a cottage right in front of the landslip. Much more great audio to play out from more people on Church Street in Whitby!

The Buzz About Town... Today's question was asked by Josie from Cheevers Hair Design in Whitby. We make 50,000 ________ in our lifetime? The answer was promises! That's around 62 per day! wow! Another question at 6:20 tomorrow!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Today was about the oldest house in Britain.. it was excavated at Star Carr near Scarborough and dates back 8500 years! Also there is the oldest example of carpentry in the whole of Europe! If you have a fact email paddy@yorkshirecoastradio.com

Most Bizarre Ways You've Injured Yourself... Had some amazing calls on this! Listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear some! This was after Helen on Travel told us she was off yesterday because she fell down the stairs! She thinks a ghost pushed her! Thanks to everyone who called today:

Alison in Northstead said she was having a bath. The phone rang. She jumped out, slipped and put her foot through a glass door! Bang her head on a cooker as she went down! Hear many more on the podcast!

I mentioned what happened a few weeks ago. I was walking home and noticed I'd walked in something. I looked back to see what it was and as I did I walked into a lamp post!

Can't Believe It's Taken Me 2 Weeks To Do It... I lost my keys! I always lose my keys! This morning at 5am I had to wake my wife up to help me look for them! She wasn't impressed! Even less impressed when my fumbling around woke the kids up too!!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow...

More from Church Street, Whitby.. including one guy who won a TV Dance Show in 2000!

Are we in for another dumping of snow on Friday? We'll get the latest on that!

I'll be announcing another great Half Price Dining Offer at 8am

Here's some photos from yesterday! I took this first one at the Harwood Dale turn off on the A171 between Scarborough & Whitby!

And here's another one...

Back tomorrow! PADDY :)

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