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Another HUGE Tuesday Challenge! And news of a global star on the show!

16th July 2013

On Paddy In The Morning today…

  • The Tuesday Challenge! Name me 50 shops on the coast starting with the letter “B”! We smashed the 50 target! Here's the first 50 I got... Thanks for these!

1)      Beacon Farm Ice Cream, Whitby

2)      Bon Marche

3)      Bothams in Whitby

4)      Boots in Whitby

5)      Betta Motoring

6)      Bernados

7)      Boddy’s Café

8)      Burtons

9)      Brantano

10)   Bookers

11)   B&Q

12)   Bethany Book Shop

13)   Barkers Fish & Chips

14)   Boyes

15)   Beerhouse Self Drive

16)   Beevers

17)   Bjorn Clogs

18)   Bridlington Bridal Gallery

19)   Bob’s Crazy Bargains

20)   Bodyshop

21)   Bond The Jewellers

22)   Blockbusters Video

23)   Byland News

24)   Barratts

25)   Babnix

26)   Bed King

27)   Berriman & Chapman

28)   Baloon Box

29)   Baxters

30)   Buddah Bar, Bridlington

31)   British Heart Foundation

32)   Burkins

33)   Bodycare

34)   Blue Crush

35)   Brits Bodyworks

36)   Byways Pub

37)   Bob The Butcher in Filey

38)   Barnets Hairdressers

39)   Baroque Café

40)   Bike It

41)   Beauty Zone

42)   Beachcomber

43)   Benny’s Noodle Bar

44)   BeeLine Radio Cars

45)   Blizt Bodyworks

46)   Blue Lounge

47)   Barbican

48)   Bar2B

49)   Bonnets

50)   Butty Bun Bridlington

  • What flyers hate the most! We revealed the top 3 things that annoy flyers the most. They include

1) kids kicking the back of your seat

2) Kids crying

3) Drunken passengers

We joked about people crying on take off and that silly round of applause you sometimes get when the plane lands! Well what did you expect it to do? Crash?

  • Traffic Light Bingo! New rules! We now have a WEEKLY LEADERBOARD! We have a weekly winner then wipe the leaderboard clean for Monday!
  • The Buzz Word! Nearly half of UK women ________ when using Facebook? The answer was…… edit photos of themselves before uploading them!
  • I put on a load of half price vouchers online for Pleasure Island Cleethorpes!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

  • We’re getting ready for SCARBOROUGH RACE FOR LIFE tomorrow night! I’ll be hosting on stage. Starts 7:30pm at Scarborough Sealife Sanctuary!
  • Go on get it off your chest! Have a right good moan about something!
  • And... news of a HUGE global sport star on the show on Monday! CLUE: His job takes him around the world and only to these shores once a year!
  • Hear from the peolpe of Sandside & Foreshore Road, my Street Of The Week this week!

Enjoy Tuesday! Paddy :)

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