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A Snow Day!

14th January 2013

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On Paddy In The Morning today...

The snow arrived! All 3/4 of a inch of it!! I went into a petrol station and grabbed a milkman before my show to find out how they were getting on in it! The big snow is here this afternoon! Enjoy!

Where is the best place to go sledging round here? Thanks for ALL your comments, calls, tweets, texts! The top suggestion was The Dell in Eastfield! Other places included "Bonkers Hill" near Bridlington School and "The Beast" on Olivers Mount! Love how peolpe give these places names!

Come Dine With Me... was in Scarborough last night! And today I had 2 of the 4 contestants on the show! Phil couldn't believe Fran gave him a "4"! Then Heath called in to put the record straight over him and Amanda! Amamda also text me but couldn't come on the show this morning!

Warning... If you have small children and you're building a snowman then DON'T build it in your back garden or near your house! Snow melts, and they will be devestated when it does!! Try Dalby Forest instead then never return to that spot!

Who's Laughing Now.. A brand new clip and another off laugh but which film star is it? Back at 7:55am

Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day.. About the woods at Danes Dyke in the valley. Did you know the valley is totally man made and in fact the huge "ditch" stretches from the north coast of the Flamborough Headland to the south coast of it, like a slice almost making it an island!

Street Of The Week... This week's it's Church Street in Whitby and the 3 things i'm looking for are: 1) The most gullible people 2) People who've never been in the grounds of Whitby Abbey 3) People who've been on the TV! I hit Church Street in Whitby after my show tomorrow!

9 Non Stop... 9 songs non stop from 1 year and commercial-free. Today we revisited 1983, the year TV AM broadcast live from Scarborough and the first Bridlington Half Marathon took place.

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

The Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building... Voting starts to find the Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building..

What's The Most Amazing Thing You've Ever Found? We hear from Dave in Scarborough about the BOMB he found and took to Scarborough Police Station resulting in the whole building being evacuated! And how he dropped the bomb 2 or 3 times on the bus from Bempton to Scarborough!

Snow.. There could be school closures tomorrow. If so, we'll have ALL the info plus the weather forecast and travel news updated through the show! Follow @YorksCoastRadio for weather and travel updates from 4am for those earlybirds!

Street Of The Week.. I'm heading for Church Street, Whitby after my show tomorrow so look out for me!

Enjoy the snow! I'm off sledging now!

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