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A NEW feature! THE TODAY AWARDS! Oh and a LIVING Whale spotted!

15th July 2013

On Paddy In The Morning Today…

  • 6:20am - The BUZZ Word: 86% of us __________ when on our summer holiday? The answer was "spend ALL our money"!
  • 7:10am - Street Of The Week: FORESHORE ROAD & SANDSIDE is this week’s stretch of road! I’m there tomorrow! Call 01723 588999 to book a visit from me! If not, I’ll probably pop in anyway! I’m there from 11am tomorrow! I’ll announce what 3 questions I’ll be asking at 7:10 tomorrow!
  • 7:45am: A minute with Carly Rae Jepson! She told us about touring with Bieber and performing in her home town! Listen to the full minute by clicking the play button below...


  • 8:10am NEW!!! The Today Awards! Today I gave an award to Ross Chilcott who abseiled down a tall building dressed as Batman.. chased 2 robbers (they were actually his mates dressed up) and grabbed a ring off them.. all to impress his watching girlfriend who he then proposed to with said ring! He got ROMANTIC OF THE DAY! I also gave an award to the bloke from Mexico who has been making big money from selling very special Mineral Water… it is certainly special.. it comes from his loo!
  • Not had a BBQ ALL YEAR! Today is the day! I’m off to the beach later this aft with my family to put it right! Summer surely can’t last any longer. We’ve had about 5 days of this now!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow…

  • The Tuesday Challenge! Always hugely popular.. tomorrow it will be about…
  • I hit my Street Of The Week! Scarborough’s Foreshore Road & Sandside.. well someone’s got to do it! I reveal at 7:10 what 3 questions I’ll be asking!
  • The Royal Baby! If it’s not arrived by 7am tomorrow then I’m opening a sweepstake! Guess the date and time of arrival! Closest to it will win a studio tour and chance to sit in on a bit of my show! I’m guessing Friday morning at 10am!

Pic of the day: A LIVING whale on the Yorkshire Coast.. makes a nice change! This Minke was seen just off Whitby over the weekend.. Thanks for Jon Stokoe for sharnig this with me.. taken on board the Whitby Whatching Cruise boat!

Photo: Need to be getting you on board with Bryan on the Esk Belle III or Kerrera soon for some whale watching. They've had a cracking weekend ... loads more pix of what they've spotted on Stokoe Media.

Have a great day! Here's some pics from my weekend! Enjoy! Leona Lewis, Staithes & Carlton Bank!....



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