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A 'Harry Styles Exclusive' and Helen's Reincarnated

28th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

We heard from 'Lilian' from Shameless... who opened the new Scarborough Weight Loss Management Clinic yesterday! She gave us 2 exclusives! Jason Orange features in her last-ever scene in the new Shameless which airs from February onwards. And she told me she'd snogged Harry Styles from One Direction! I believe the first but not the second of those "slip ups"! In this photo my daughter looks like a puppet!!!

Photo: Paddy's been on Victoria Road in Scarborough for the opening of the new Scarborough Weight Loss Management Clinic.. Pictured here with his 4 year old daughter Isabella and "Lilian" from Shameless plus Ken Webster who runs it! Hear the interview with "Lilian" tomorrow! Includes a Shameless Exclusive!

We also heard from The Wanted fans... queuing in the snow outside Escape To The Sands in North Bay Scarborough on Saturday morning! They were all delighted to get their tickets for June when i'm sure snow won't be a problem!

What a great show at Scarborough YMCA this weekend... Took my family to see A Toys Story and really enjoyed it! Well done all.. shame we left Leo's pushchair at the YMCA.. come to think about it.. what DID we push Leo home in? Hmmmm!

Ever dreamt about something... that's then actually happened? Or had an amazing case of deja vu? We got some great calls this morning and plenty of online interaction too.. Helen on Travel told us she believes she is a reincarnation of a person who healed people in an egyptian temple 'back in the day'! Odd!

Went for a run... Last night.. 6.7 miles.. well done me. Saw a CHRISTMAS TREE on the beach fully planted.. perhaps from a night out the previous night.. certainly very random!

Today's Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was about Queen Henrietta who took a boat trip to Bridlington during the Civil War! She landed at Brid dodging bombs and even went back when she realised she had left her dog in harms way!

Poor Micky the cat... He's a black cat that no one wants! He's been at the RSPCA for 6 months and Lesley from there told us that black cats are usually harder to home, perhaps because of their 'bad luck' myth! She said there's nothing in it so please someone take him to a good home! Call 01723 371935 or go to www.rspca-scarborough.org.uk/ - HERE HE IS...

Micky The Cat

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow...

-TOPLOADER join me ahead of their concert at The Spa, Scarborough next Friday (8th Feb)

-I head to STATION AVENUE and MURRAY STREET in FILEY.. My Street Of The Week this week (they are both basically the same stretch of road) I'm looking for these 3 things...

1) Your best holiday ever!

2) People who have 2 very different jobs!

3) People who've never ever walked along to the end of Filey Brigg!


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