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Snow on the way

11th January 2013

Click the play button to listen to PADDY'S PODCAST with Friday's highlights!


On Paddy In The Morning on Friday...

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day was about the Dogger Bank Earthquake in 1931 which was an amazing 6.1 and just 60 miles off the Yorkshire Coast. It twisted a church spire in Filey and saw parts of Flamborough's cliffs crumble into the sea and chimneys came tumbling in Bridlington! That doesn't happen everyday!Got a fact? Email paddy@yorkshirecoastradio.com

Snow Is Coming...But is it just false hype like a few weeks back? I called Paul from www.netweather.tv to get an expert opinion on what we can expect on the Yorkshire Coast! He said by the end of the weekend there would likely be 10-15cm on snow on the North York Moors with a mix of rain, hail, sleet and snow at lower levels over the next couple of days! Here's the full chat with Paul


Do You Work With A Relative?... Is your partner also your boss? And what's that like?...

Danny Connolly in Bridlington:"I work with my wife..... not only is she the boss at home but also at work but to be fair we stil get in great n work well as a team..... shock horror".

Lee Wardill in Whitby: "I work for the same company as my girlfriend, that's how we met and have been together for almost 5 years and have 3 beautiful children".

Nicky Phillips in Scarborough: "I work with both my mum and dad, in a family run childcare setting. Best bosses I ever had, Please say hello to Ann and Goy at 'Ann's Place' in Scarborough and wish Ann a wonderful time on her trip to Australia".

The Buzz About Town...Thanks to Tom in Bridlington who asked today's question.. we buzz out the answer.. Today we found that 2% of us would PUNCH and ALIEN if we met one! Very Will Smith!

On Paddy In The Morning Next Week...

I am looking for The Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building! Today we heard from Steve from Ugthorpe and Elaine from St. Helen's Newsagents in Scarborough who said West Pier Lighthouse ni Whitby and The Spa in Scarborough respectively! We also heard from Yorkshire Coast Radio presenters KEV ROBERTS and PAUL WOODFORD who chose The Grand Hotel and Raven Hall. Your votes needed next week!

If the snow's causing probelms on Monday morning then I will have the very latest weather and travel news plus ALL the local school closures should there be any. I'll also be building a giant snowman modelled on Jon Burke. An upside down banana should suffice to replicate his grumpy face.

I also have a brand new Street Of The Week! It's in Whitby! Find out which street on Monday morning!




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