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September 2013

Snowdrop Appeal - The Midwife's Story

27th September 2013

The Snowdrop AppealBy the end of 2014 Scarborough Hospital hopes to start work on a new Maternity Bereavement Suite: a private space, away from the main labour ward for families who lose a baby during birth or pregnancy.

The Snowdrop Appeal aims to raise £120,000 to make it happen.

Maya Richardson, who's leading the fundraising, dropped in to bring us up-to-date on progress.

She brought Liz Whittle with her. She's a midwife at the hospital.

Liz explained the current situation:



Posted by Richard Griffin at 11:08am

MacMillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning

25th September 2013

Sally MillingtonSally Millington from MacMillan Cancer Support dropped in to tell us about Friday's big fundraiser.

You can organise a coffee morning at home or work, or attend one of the many events already planned on the Yorkshire Coast

Visit to find your nearest

I started by asking Sally about the work MacMillan does:



Posted by Richard Griffin at 11:35am

My Bridlington Half Marathon for The Katie Walker Cancer Trust...

20th September 2013

What an emotional phone call this was with Katie's mum.. please listen to it by clicking the play button below and if you are moved by it then please, please donate what you can. The info is below... Katie Walker from Bridlington, died aged 20 from cancer...

To donate anything at all please visit my fundraising page: 

Or Text BRID88 £5 (or whatever you can give) and send that to 70070

Thank you! Paddy

Here's Katie's story....


Katie was born on 29th September 1986 a normal healthy baby to proud parents Julie and Micky. However at 6 months Katie and her family were faced with the daunting news of a terratoma diagnosis. Surgery on this occasion was the only option, with an 8 hour operation leaving poor Katie fighting for her life in intensive care. If this battle wasn't bad enough at such a young age the cancer returned shortly after her third birthday


The news at this time was bleak with certain doctors saying recovery was extremely rare. Katie being the fighter she was endured 6 months chemotherapy followed by more surgery and yet again this brave courageous girl defied all odds to pull through.


Katie went on to live a happy childhood and stayed free of cancer for fourteen years. Like all teenagers she lived life to the full, successfully gaining 9 GCSE's, 4 A Levels and starting university at Scarborough. However unfortunately shortly after turning 19 the cancer returned, with chemotherapy and radiotherapy being the course of action at Western Park in Sheffield. A further 15 month battle was faced by Katie, with this unbelievable girl managing to maintain a smile and constantly putting other people first. The grueling effects of the cancer and chemotherapy didn't even prompt Katie to complain, if this wasn't inspiration enough she proceeded through the pain to produce a video to help other teenage cancer sufferers


Devastatingly Katie's brave battle was lost on 27th March 2007, leaving a large void in many peoples lives especially her proud parents Micky and Julie


Now our aim is to ensure Katie's memory lives on, what better way to show people how much she meant than put this trust in her name.

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Ever fallen alseep in public? And some big weekend highlights

16th September 2013

On Paddy In The Morning on Monday 16th September...

Ever fallen asleep in public? I took some great calls including one from Brian in Whitby who fell asleep in a pub - falling asleep on the bosom of a female goth. His girlfriend was working in the pub at the time! Ooops! Jordan in Staxton said he's been asked to leave a train due to his loud snoring and his mum fell asleep at a Nickelback concert!

The St. Catherine's Hospice Midnight Walk... took place on Saturday night! Over 500 of you walked between 6 and 7 miles for the hospice! It was cold but dry. I took loads of pictures. Click here to see them! Click the play button to hear the highlights (which I played out at 8:10am today)


#STARFIRE ..... On Saturday, thousands of us were treated to the 3rd and final Starfire Fireworks Display. This was the first one I'd had chance to see and wow, what a treat! Here's some photos taking by my mate Jamie Marshall...


I also today announced a new Street Of The Week... it's Harbour Road in Bridlington! I'll be visiting tomorrow from 11:30am onwards! Look out for me! I'll play out what I record on my shows on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday!

Also today.....

People up north are worse at remembering birthdays & anniversaries than southerners… which reminds me.. it’s my cousin Julie’s birthday today.. she lives in Scotland but is staying in Scarborough until Wednesday! So.. Happy Birthday!

The first church service to be held on a train was held yesterday! Reverand Richard Cook did the service on carriage A from Manchester Picadilly to Manchester Airport – if you were heading there to fly somewhere and you’re really nervous of flying.. having a reverend doing a service wouldn’t exactly help! Or would it?

A posh publisher is sending it’s staff on a £1000 course in good manners after bosses complained! No one should need to go on a course to improve good manners!

Back 6am tomorrow! Paddy :)

Posted by Paddy at 10:06am


A Wonderful Wednesday mixed with some poignant reflection

11th September 2013

On Paddy In The Morning today...

The Wednesday Whinge.. Thanks for some fantastic whinges! Here's some of the best from the Facebook page:

Nikki, Bridlington: I've had to do the airport run at 3.30am so hubby can fly back out to work in the middle of the north sea!!!! When is it bedtime???? x

Damian, Scarborough: Stealth Puddles! You know the ones that disguise themselves as "path". Or worse, the puddles that disguise themselves as shallow

Steph King, Scarborough: I'll say it again cos it really does annoy me... People who hash tag on Facebook!! You do know #This#isn't #Twitter?!? #blankfacesmiley#cake#whitby... Which are of no relevance AS IT DOESN'T TAG ANYTHING!!!

Patricia Rogers, Bridlington: People that leave their shopping till 5 to 4 on a sunday when we close!! They've known all day they needed some then when you tell them your closing they look at you in amazement!

Done it? Put your central heating on overnight?...

Lou Kilburn: If only we had central heating!! On the bright side, we aren't ill very often so extra jumper it is!....

Claire Dobson: Not windows open still..hardcore yorkshire lass tha knows....

Jennifer Romano: Speak for yourself! No heating on in my house, put a jumper on! Haha

Angela Sellers: No but wearing a jumper and two dressing gowns.tough yorkshire lass

Janet Carter: Oh Yesssssss

Matthew Armitage: Put a vest on ya softies. Central Heating worse thing ever for causing sniffles and colds. The germs just love the warmth.

Jo Elkin: Mine's on...been freezing all day. But this will be my 1st Yorkshire winter so I guess I need to toughen up. Can feel a shopping trip for a nice cosy coat coming on !!

Shane Brent: I'm a boiler technician for Worcester Bosch....get those boilers on, keeps me busy

Rebecca Woolass: refuse to turn my heating on! It's only sept ffs lol . Got a jumper on but might put electric blanket back on bed tomoro lol

Nicola Reynolds: Nope onesies and warmer clothing here for now, im not giving british gas more money than i have to lol!

Emma Cook: No heating here tough as old boots....Yorkshire through and through!

Rebecca Clarkson: Youre joking arent you have you met my husband,victor meldrew got nowt on him,he's told me to go put another jumper on,but he'l still be saying that in December!

Janet Croke: It was definitely cold enough last night to give in and put a summer weight duvet on the bed! Normally just a cotton sheet and a light bedspread

Vicky Honeysett: Yes, we've had the heating on this evening. Set to come on in the morning!

Steph Davies: Not put it on yet but was close tonight bbbrrrrrrrrr x

Cheryl Joel: Hot bath n fluffy dressing gown on NO heating on yet lol

Becky Collins: I try not to put it on till oct! Came very close tonight but put a jumper on instead! Did change all the bedding and put the winter duvets on though!

Helen Rae: Had windows open still until this aft they closed now but no heating yet just jumpers in onesies to stay warm

Lynn Windrass: Cant bring myself to press that button just yet!

Street Of The Week... Mitford Street & Union Street in Filey... Lovely meeting so many fantastic people! Click on "Street Of The Week" at the top of this page to hear everything I recorded and see the pictures in full on the gallery! Here's some...

An emotional tribute to 9/11 12 years ago today... Click the play button below to hear the emotional tribute we played out at around 8:50am this morning... Plenty of you got in touch to say how you'd had to pull over with tears in your eyes hearing it. Spare a thought for all those who lost their lives that day 12 years ago...


911 tribute

Back FRIDAY morning with more stuff from my Street Of The Week in Filey...

Paddy :)



Posted by Paddy at 10:36am


Do you find feet attractive? Actually some of you DO!

9th September 2013

On Paddy In The Morning Today…

The foot has been named the least sexy part of the body.. so if someone wanted to caress your foot would it be a yes or no!? Very divisive on Facebook & Twitter! People either love it or hate it! Here's some of your feedback...

-Tina Thompson: Love my feet being massaged. Especially my toes after a day on my feet.

-Steph King: Love my feet been rubbed! and despite my husbands absolute hatred for feet, he still does it... Aww

-Karen Gatenby: No one touches my feet!

- Liz Duke: A huge NO!

What wasted purchases have you made? The items you bought but never or rarely use? We had everything from Sewing Machines to Husbands! Here's ome of your feedback...

- Pauline Horden: Brand new deep fat fryer still in its box. Never been used or out to see if it works !!

- Tina in Bridlnigton: I brought a flexi bar from a shopping channel. Used it about 3 times in 6 years. The DVD for it is still in it's wrapper somewhere. 

The Buzz Word today (6:20am): 15% of us hide “BUZZ” from our partners.. The answer was ‘our weight’!

9 Non Stop today was the year a house in Filey was £4,000 to buy and the Scarborough fishing boat ‘Sincere’ was lost on rocks near Filey. 1968!

Charlie at Ship Inn Sewerby was on to tell us how much he enjoyed being electrocuted as part of Tough Mudder over the weekend!

Great news! £1500 was raised for Ellie’s Fund at the event I hosted on Saturday night at Scarborough Rugby Club. £5000 overall on what would have been her 18th birthday weekend. All the pics on our gallery online!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow…

  • TV Presenter Kate Garroway is on, joined by the MD of Barclays no less with tips for parents on the Yorkshire Coast struggling with money worries. (8:10am) – I’ll also ask them about tomorrow’s topic which is…….
  • What’s your Star Sign and does it match your personality? Or do you think it’s a load of rubbish? (7:15am – 9:00am)
  • I visit Mitford Street & Union Street in Filey.. for this week’s Street Of The Week!
  • 9 Non Stop will be from the year of U2’s Joshua Tree album, the San Fran earthquake and Scarborough beat Chelsea in the league cup!

See ya then.. here's some of the photos from Saturday's bash for Ellie's Fund and below a stunning picture taken by Jamie Marshall of Starfire in Scarborough on Saturday night!

Photo: "Like" if you like! Check out this incredible photo of Starfire in South Bay Scarborough tonight! Thanks Jamie Marshall for taking this for us! Paddy :)

Posted by Paddy at 10:58am


PADDYS PODCAST Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September 2013

6th September 2013

Here's a small flavour of what happened on #PaddyInTheMorning this week!


Here's some of the fab people I met in Grosmont & Goathland this week!

Paddy :)

Paddy in Goathland

Posted by Paddy at 11:10am


Back to School! Wednesday's mentions!

4th September 2013

...And here's today's mentions....


Posted by Paddy at 10:37am

Back to School! Today's mentions....

3rd September 2013

Each morning this week at 8:10am i'll say hello to local kids back at school that day! If you missed today's big list or want to listen back, click the play button below! Leave a comment to be included in tomorrow's mentions!



Posted by Paddy at 10:11am



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