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July 2013

Snowdrop Appeal - Jill's Story

25th July 2013

Jill Riley and Maya Richardson£120,000 will fund a new Maternity Bereavement Suite at Scarborough Hospital.

Families who lose a baby during birth or pregnancy can have their own space, away from the main maternity ward.

Jill Riley (left) from Scarborough, understands better than most what a difference that would make.

She joined Snowdrop Appeal fundraiser Maya Richardson to tell me her story.

I began by asking Maya to tell me more about the appeal and how it came about:


To donate to the Snowdrop Appeal, visit:

You can donate £3 by text by sending SGHM14 £3 to 70070.

To contact Maya, call 01723 236210 or visit



Posted by Richard Griffin at 4:08pm

Scarborough's Race for Life

18th July 2013

Scarborough's Race for Life witness well over 1,000 women running (and walking) along North Bay in the fab eveing sunshine. Over £50k should of been raised from the night - a fantastic achievement in the ongoing fight to fund research for cures to cancer.

Hear is some of the audio from the night:




Posted by Tom Hooper at 1:43pm

Another HUGE Tuesday Challenge! And news of a global star on the show!

16th July 2013

On Paddy In The Morning today…

  • The Tuesday Challenge! Name me 50 shops on the coast starting with the letter “B”! We smashed the 50 target! Here's the first 50 I got... Thanks for these!

1)      Beacon Farm Ice Cream, Whitby

2)      Bon Marche

3)      Bothams in Whitby

4)      Boots in Whitby

5)      Betta Motoring

6)      Bernados

7)      Boddy’s Café

8)      Burtons

9)      Brantano

10)   Bookers

11)   B&Q

12)   Bethany Book Shop

13)   Barkers Fish & Chips

14)   Boyes

15)   Beerhouse Self Drive

16)   Beevers

17)   Bjorn Clogs

18)   Bridlington Bridal Gallery

19)   Bob’s Crazy Bargains

20)   Bodyshop

21)   Bond The Jewellers

22)   Blockbusters Video

23)   Byland News

24)   Barratts

25)   Babnix

26)   Bed King

27)   Berriman & Chapman

28)   Baloon Box

29)   Baxters

30)   Buddah Bar, Bridlington

31)   British Heart Foundation

32)   Burkins

33)   Bodycare

34)   Blue Crush

35)   Brits Bodyworks

36)   Byways Pub

37)   Bob The Butcher in Filey

38)   Barnets Hairdressers

39)   Baroque Café

40)   Bike It

41)   Beauty Zone

42)   Beachcomber

43)   Benny’s Noodle Bar

44)   BeeLine Radio Cars

45)   Blizt Bodyworks

46)   Blue Lounge

47)   Barbican

48)   Bar2B

49)   Bonnets

50)   Butty Bun Bridlington

  • What flyers hate the most! We revealed the top 3 things that annoy flyers the most. They include

1) kids kicking the back of your seat

2) Kids crying

3) Drunken passengers

We joked about people crying on take off and that silly round of applause you sometimes get when the plane lands! Well what did you expect it to do? Crash?

  • Traffic Light Bingo! New rules! We now have a WEEKLY LEADERBOARD! We have a weekly winner then wipe the leaderboard clean for Monday!
  • The Buzz Word! Nearly half of UK women ________ when using Facebook? The answer was…… edit photos of themselves before uploading them!
  • I put on a load of half price vouchers online for Pleasure Island Cleethorpes!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

  • We’re getting ready for SCARBOROUGH RACE FOR LIFE tomorrow night! I’ll be hosting on stage. Starts 7:30pm at Scarborough Sealife Sanctuary!
  • Go on get it off your chest! Have a right good moan about something!
  • And... news of a HUGE global sport star on the show on Monday! CLUE: His job takes him around the world and only to these shores once a year!
  • Hear from the peolpe of Sandside & Foreshore Road, my Street Of The Week this week!

Enjoy Tuesday! Paddy :)

Posted by Paddy at 10:56am


A NEW feature! THE TODAY AWARDS! Oh and a LIVING Whale spotted!

15th July 2013

On Paddy In The Morning Today…

  • 6:20am - The BUZZ Word: 86% of us __________ when on our summer holiday? The answer was "spend ALL our money"!
  • 7:10am - Street Of The Week: FORESHORE ROAD & SANDSIDE is this week’s stretch of road! I’m there tomorrow! Call 01723 588999 to book a visit from me! If not, I’ll probably pop in anyway! I’m there from 11am tomorrow! I’ll announce what 3 questions I’ll be asking at 7:10 tomorrow!
  • 7:45am: A minute with Carly Rae Jepson! She told us about touring with Bieber and performing in her home town! Listen to the full minute by clicking the play button below...


  • 8:10am NEW!!! The Today Awards! Today I gave an award to Ross Chilcott who abseiled down a tall building dressed as Batman.. chased 2 robbers (they were actually his mates dressed up) and grabbed a ring off them.. all to impress his watching girlfriend who he then proposed to with said ring! He got ROMANTIC OF THE DAY! I also gave an award to the bloke from Mexico who has been making big money from selling very special Mineral Water… it is certainly special.. it comes from his loo!
  • Not had a BBQ ALL YEAR! Today is the day! I’m off to the beach later this aft with my family to put it right! Summer surely can’t last any longer. We’ve had about 5 days of this now!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow…

  • The Tuesday Challenge! Always hugely popular.. tomorrow it will be about…
  • I hit my Street Of The Week! Scarborough’s Foreshore Road & Sandside.. well someone’s got to do it! I reveal at 7:10 what 3 questions I’ll be asking!
  • The Royal Baby! If it’s not arrived by 7am tomorrow then I’m opening a sweepstake! Guess the date and time of arrival! Closest to it will win a studio tour and chance to sit in on a bit of my show! I’m guessing Friday morning at 10am!

Pic of the day: A LIVING whale on the Yorkshire Coast.. makes a nice change! This Minke was seen just off Whitby over the weekend.. Thanks for Jon Stokoe for sharnig this with me.. taken on board the Whitby Whatching Cruise boat!

Photo: Need to be getting you on board with Bryan on the Esk Belle III or Kerrera soon for some whale watching. They've had a cracking weekend ... loads more pix of what they've spotted on Stokoe Media.

Have a great day! Here's some pics from my weekend! Enjoy! Leona Lewis, Staithes & Carlton Bank!....



Posted by Paddy at 10:43am


Bridlington Old Town Festival and Town Crier event

11th July 2013

Old Town festival 2013


We had a great time at the Bridlington Old Town Festival for 2013.

Have a look at our photo gallery online:

This was the first year that they had organised a Town Crier competition. Hear more about it on the links below:


Posted by Tom Hooper at 1:05pm


10th July 2013

Global star Leona Lewis joined me on the phone from her house in LA today between 8 and 9am!

The full interview is below! Don't forget, if you want tickets for her Scarborough Open Air Theatre show this Friday, they are still available from the Box Office in Northstead Manor Gardens in Scarborough and online at - Here's our chat today...


Posted by Paddy at 10:37am


The biggest Tuesday Challenge yet & Leona Lewis to join me tomorrow!

9th July 2013

On Paddy In The Morning Today…

The biggest reposonse so far for “The Tuesday Challenge”! Today’s was…

Name me 50 famous people you've spotted on the coast! We got well over 100! Here's just some of them...

  • Sir Alan Aykbourn in Scarborough’s Old Town– Oliver in Scalby
  • Derren Brown at Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre – Bev Davies
  • Ted Rogers and Leanne from Coronation Street in Whitby – Angie Lockwood]
  • Ryan sidebottom sat having an ice cream on the South Bay – Mark Buckley
  • Richard Branson walking up paradise hill in Scarborough about 8 weeks ago – Jason Fenwick
  • Olly Murs in Scarborough – Sasha Owen
  • Peter Andre in Scarborough – Tracey Bannister
  • Gary Hobbs from eastenders with his wife Lisa in McDonalds, Scarborough – Laurie Fothergill
  • Johnny Vegas in Filey’s Tescos – Tara Martin
  • Bobby Davro at Tricolos! 15 years ago! – Kazzy Trown
  • Nick Berry and GreenGrass years ago when heartbeat was getting filmed in Goathland – Suzie Smith, Bridlington
  • Ant and dec on the quay in whitby ,the guy who used to play burnside in the bill,canon and ball at the petrol station – Kiorst
  • Take that Bridlington seafront early 90s – Donna Wilson
  • Joanne froggett from Downton abbey. Just walking down the road. Oh and one the guys out off helicopter heroes. Does that count? – Nadine Scott
  • Mick Hucknell in whitby filming holding back the years – Mary Walker
  • David Batty , Flower of May holiday park – Shaun Kitchen
  • Tom Ellis when he was filming in Filey a few yrs back – Liz Duke
  • Bruce Jones and Vicky Entwistle (Signing autographs, in the Brunswick Pavillion) Plus Liza Goddard, Robert Powell, Steve Huison (played Eddie Windass in Coronation Street) Andrew Dunn, All at the S. J. T. to name but a few. – Bev Davies
  • Jeremy Clarkson & James May filming last year
  • The hairy bikers at the futurist last yr, Si was stood a couple of metres away from me and Paul Daniels by boots in Brid he asked if he could have a bite of my sons sausage roll!!! Nicola, Bridlington
  • The queen at the grand opening of the open air theatre. – Jack Harrison
  • I served Richard Bacon..the guy from kaiser chiefs..the cast from heartbeat...then seen ainsley harriot. Peter firth from spooks also – Emma Collings, Whtiby
  • Jimmy Cricket the comedian when my daughter was little we were on the south bay and she went a few yards away from me then she got lost in this group of people that had been following him on the beach so he picked her up and carried her then he announced found lost child when he finished his interview. – Claire Payne
  • 11 chelsea players at mcain stadium in 2004 – Anthony Wood
  • Jimmy Carr Jason manford lee evens and many more – Sally Corner, Bridlington
  • I met Ant and Dec (who were then pj and Duncan) at yorkshire coast radio. My friend had won a
  • Rula Lenska buying newspapers in town, Rick Mayall in auntie ellies chippy in Hunmanby years ago, Tommy Cannon asked me for directions to ycr studio then Bobby Ball doing exactly same thing 10 minutes later! Lesley Mangham
  • Michael Parkinson and his world 11 cricket team, dilts fish restaurant about 1993. If I could think of all the cricketers names you'd have 12. Murv Hughes and Terry Alderman were 2 and I think Alan Lamb !! – Jason Fenwick
  • John Barrowman said hi to me after gig here at OAT – Liz Duke
  • Onslow from keeping up appearances, David from Corie, Pauline quirke, David seaman all spotted in whitby– Vernon Smith
  • Steps & A1 at Futurist Scarborough – Becky Robinson
  • Someone I know met Gino de Campio (Can't spell his name) on Scarborough Harbour when he did a cooking programme, Holly Farren
  • Michael Caine in the Scarborough Tandoori when filming Little Voice
  • Martin Adams (BDO Darts Player) at Tavern pub in Brid, Greg Smith
  • One of my favourites was cricket legend TENDULKAR getting his hair cut in a Scarborough barbers and Richard Branson walking up Paradise in Scarborough’s Old Town 8 weeks ago! Verified by 3 people!

Today I hit my Street Of The Week.. Pier Road, Khyber Pass & Silver Street in Whitby! I’m asking these questions…

1)      When was the last time you went on a train and where did you go and why?

2)      Do you have a lucky day or date? What’s happened on it?

3)      What’s your biggest regret in life? If you don’t have one, what’s your biggest ambition?

I’ll play some of what I record at 7:10am tomorrow! More on Thursday & Friday!




Posted by Paddy at 10:21am


What A Weekend @ Staxtonbury!

8th July 2013

The temperature rose and we welcomed tens of thousands of visitors to each of our resorts this weekend! I had the pleasure of being at several events over the weekend and having some time to enjoy the seaside and pretend to be a tourist myself! On Friday I was at STAXTONBURY hosting the main stage for a couple of hours! Here's some pictures! I'll add what I recorded there shortly! PADDY :)

Posted by Paddy at 11:07am



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