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May 2013

Street Of The Week - BAR STREET - Scarborough...

30th May 2013

This week's Street Of The Week is BAR STREET, SCARBOROUGH... Here's what i recorded and played out on Paddy In The Morning on Thursay 30th May at 7:10 (part 1) and 8:20 (part 2). Gallery online soon...

Bar Street

Posted by Paddy at 4:06pm


Chritopher Biggins with Paddy In The Morning!

30th May 2013

On Wednesay 29th May Christopher Biggins joined me, Paddy In The Morning on the phone ahead of him hosting Celebrities On Ice at The Spa, Scarborough from Friday 31st May - Sunday 2nd June! We talked about Scarborough and the show and much, much more! Here's the interview... Enjoy!


Posted by Paddy at 3:42pm


St Augustine's School Scarborough - X Factor Show!

23rd May 2013

Here's the highlights from St Augustine's School Scarborough's X Factor Show where I was a judge! It's my old school so the talent on show really made me proud! Well done everyone! :)



Posted by Paddy at 11:35am


Atomic Kitten's liz joins Paddy In The Morning!

23rd May 2013

Here's the full interview Paddy did with Liz from Atominc Kitten talking food, Atomic Kitten and ITV's The Big Reuinion! Enjoy....


Posted by Paddy at 11:03am


If you won the lottery.. what would you really spend all that £££ on???

21st May 2013

On Paddy In The Morning Today...

If you won the lottery... what would you really spend the money on? Thanks for all the calls.. Here's some of what came in on Facebook & Twitter...

Mel Sjp Williams we've always said we'd buy the place we're in now n a new car. buy 4 houses as future investments for the kids n set em up a trust fund for uni 1st car etc. buy the parents a new car n their house. a holiday then just relax

Michaela Dunning Advertise and set up my business properly,buy our house and a new car each ..go on holiday then give a lot of it to family /charity .filey x

Pauline Ormston Pay debts off. Buy my mum a static caravan by the sea. And take me and hubby on a well earned holiday to get the best treatment for us bth (brid)

Elkie Pitten-Tyreman Put it to some good use It wud be nice not to see people living on the streets, also I'd like to travel to Africa & build a free school for deprived children who will eat breakfast & dinner. Then Maybe I'd treat myself.

Lucy Bowes I would begin the White Lily Trust which will b a charity helping fund local hospices :D I would also get my teeth and boobs done and buy a small holding n rescue animals- the day job (nurse) would left :P from whitby x

Also today..

LUCY PORTER popped in for a chat... She told me about her holiday to Filey with her fella.. next thing they found they had children! Must be the sea air eh?

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

LIZ McCLARNON (pictured below) is popping in for a chat talking ATOMIC KITTEN, THE BIG REUNION & DISASTER CHEFS! In at 8:10am!

And hear from the people of my Street Of The Week which all this week is Lancaster Road (The Carnaby Industrial Estate in Bridlington). The 3 things i'm looking for from the people there are:

1) What would you do if you won the lottery?

2) What was the last lie you told?

3) Tell me something embarrassing about a colleague?


Posted by Paddy at 12:06pm


The posters on your wall when you were a teenager!

20th May 2013


On Today’s Paddy In The Morning…

Huge response to today’s topic: What posters did you have on your bedroom wall when you were a teenager? Plenty to see on Facebook & Twitter and we had loads of calls too!

Street Of The Week: Lancaster Road, Bridlington. Basically it’s the whole of Carnaby Industrial Estate! It’s so big I’m doing it Tuesday lunchtime onwards and will probably be back Thursday! On the back of this announcement Ray from Eastfield called with a memory of having to walk across the runway when it was a wartime airfield just to get from Carnaby to the beach! I used that as my Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day!

On Tomorrow’s Paddy In The Morning…

LUCY PORTER is on the show! And she’ll tell me about a romantic trip with her fella to FILEY a while back! She might also be coming back in the autumn to tell some jokes! She’s on at 8:10am tomorrow!

Also.. I’m giving you the chance to learn to surf for HALF PRICE! I’ll put those vouchers online at 8am tomorrow online for Vibe Surf School!

And.. I’m heading to BRIDLINGTON’s Lancaster Road (The Carnaby Industrial Estate) for my Street Of The Week! I’ll reveal at 7:10am what 3 things I’m looking for from the people there when I visit tomorrow after 12pm! I’ll have stickers, camera and microphone with me to make the people of Carnaby Industrial Estate famous during the rest of this week!!

Coming soon.. Guests like: Liz from Atominc Kitten, Peter Andre, Christopher Biggins and Made In Chelsea star Binky.. this is the show the celebs all wanna be on!!

Finally, here's a photo from my family holiday to Majorca! We all had a great time! See ya tomorrow! PADDY :)

Posted by Paddy at 1:41pm



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