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April 2013

Katherine Jenkins joins Paddy In The Morning!!!

26th April 2013

The talented superstar Katherine Jenkins joined me, Paddy In The Morning on Friday 26th April between 8 and 9. We talked about Scarborough, the Scarborough Open Air Theatre, the much talked about appearance in the London Marathon and..... Peasholm Park Dragon Boats! Have a listen to the full interview here...

Part 1...

Part 2...

Part 3...

Part 4...

  Photo: Listen in now to hear KATHERINE JENKINS talking to Paddy In The Morning :)



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Frankie from The Saturdays joins Paddy In The Morning!

24th April 2013

Frankie from The Saturdays!

On Friday 19th May Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays joined me between 8 and 9! We talked about all sorts from her recent marriage proposal to Scarborough Fish & Chips! Here's all 5 parts to our huge conversation! Enjoy! PADDY :)

Part 1....

Part 2...

Part 3...

Part 4...

Part 5...

Photo: FRANKIE from THE SATURDAYS is on my show now until 9am! If you've been in touch with a question, listen out for it! PADDY :)

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Scarborough Athletic are CHAMPIONS!

22nd April 2013

As a lifelong Scarborough fan, Saturday was a wonderful day! Scarborough Athletic won promotion from the NCEL Premier Division into the EvoStick league. Here's what I played out on air this morning. COME ON BORO!


PS: Check out the gallery page to see all the pics we took on Saturday! Here's one!

Boro Win Championship

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Reasons to Race For Life

15th April 2013

Race For Life signature

This year's Race For Life is in Scarborough's North Bay at 7.30 on Wednesday 17 July.

Hundreds of local women will run, walk or dance their way round a 3 mile route to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Kath Hudson from Hutton Buscel will be taking part for the first time this year.

She told me about her own cancer journey:

You can sign up right now, just follow the link


Posted by Richard Griffin at 1:40pm

Robin Hood's Bay gets the Street Of The Week Treatment!

10th April 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

The Wednesday Whinge! Hear Jon & Helen's moans and mine too on Paddy's Podcast! Just click the play button above! We got some great moans from you.. Here's some of them...

Carrie Sizer People that drive at 40 miles an hour everywhere, no matter what the speed limit!!!
Charlotte Deller It's not really a whinge but it annoys me all the same. The awkward dance you do when someone is coming the opposite way. How is it so hard for two human beings to be able to move sadly round each other with out creating a remix of an M.C hammer dance.
Charlotte, Scarborough.
Michael Hewitt Moan? Not me, but look at these shoes, only had them a week and the heels falling off already and they said it would be a nice day and I'm sick and tired of this Office.
Michaela Carrack I'm sick of bending over backwards for people and when I need help getting no help back! Moan over thanks kayla in Scarborough
Sam Harrison im a very proud dog owner but why cant people just pick up there dogs poo,its getting worse not just here in brid but everywhere u turn,for gods sake sort your selfs out or even better dont get a dog if u cant be bothered to pick the poo up..
Lynda Attridge The weather ! Don't need to say anymore ! ! !
Neil Tootle SBC paint the roundabout at Crown Tavern
Jennifer Romano P.s to the people who are whinging about people whinging, you are the worst kind is whinger, at least we are aware we are doing it!
Kerry Alkhayat Moan u clearly havnt lost anyone or anything to realise how lucky we are I dont call moaning fun!!! Paddys fault for a silly question!
Amelia Scholey People not taking there litter home with them! I went for walk thru peasholm park other day n there was empy cans left on tables n litter everywhere!

The Buzz About Town...Today's fact was: 165 million __________ are made in Britain every single day... The answer was Cups Of Tea! Another question at 6:25 tomorrow!

The Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team... were 3-0 up until the last few minutes and like Liverpool V AC Milan that year.. well.. it ended 3-3! Oh well, at least we didn't lose! We're getting there!

Also talked about...

A bride-to-be was driven to her wedding by her groom-to-be in the scoop of a digger! That's crazy........ We all know you're not meant to see the bride BEFORE the wedding!

A learner driver crashed her car through the glass of a hair salon. It was described as a hair-raising experience for those inside.

A girl won't eat anything except noodles! She goes through 30 miles of noodles every single day! WOW!

STREET OF THE WEEK: This week it's New Road in Robin Hood's Bay! Here's what I recorded yesterday. Recognise anyone?

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning

RONNIE FROM EASTENDERS pops in for a chat at 8:10am


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Graham Taylor tells me to bribe the opposition!!

9th April 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Former England Manager GRAHAM TAYLOR was on the show to help me sort my 6-a-side football team out! His advice was simple: Bribe the opposition! Hear highlights from the chat above - I also asked him about Gazza, goal line technology and England's chances of getting to the world cup! 

Birthdays... Apparently 50% of parents can't afford to treat their kids to a birthday party! And those that do feel they have to impress other parents! So... What did you get when you were small? And what do you do for your kids now? Here's what came in...

Helen Mason my parties were mostly at home, with friends and family. No party bags - plenty of games and we ate the cake as the last thing bfore going home. Going out somewhere (cinema mainly) with 1 or 2 friends was a *real* treat.
For my boys - only 1 party so far, at home. Younger son heading for 2 this month, not having a party for him, but will do cake presents etc. and might have a couple of friends to play.
Steph Moseley I wasn't allowed parties at home - but I was allowed to have a friend over for tea. When my kids were little we used to have parties at home - couldn't justify the cost of hiring somewhere!
Sarah Wilson As a kid i always had party's at home. My 6 year old has had a bowling party, a karate party and candy kingdom. Candy kingdom again in 4 weeks cant wait.
The Buzz About Town...Today's fact: Children now spend more than watching TV than they do _________ ??? The answer was "At school" - Wow! Another fact with a word buzzed out and 6:20am tomorrow!
Showbiz... We heard how Simon Cowell stays in shape and keeps healthy! He goes to bed at 5:30am and get's up at 3! He also does the Botox and goes to the gym 3-4 times a week! Make up helps too!
Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...
We hear from the people of New Road in Robin Hood's Bay - My Street Of The Week all this week!
Find out how the Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team gets on tonight in match number 1! Our first win? Fingers crossed!

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John Lennon Tried To Kiss Me! WHAT???

4th April 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

What a busy show! We played out some amazing audio from my Street Of The Week! Elizabeth from Elizabeth Jewellers told me she'd gone to a party with The Beatles after one of their concerts in Sheffield in 1963! John Lennon tried to kiss her! She'd never been kissed before and pulled away.. and started chatting up George Harrison! I asked you whether you'd met anyone famous and if so was it more than you imagined or was it a disappointment? Thanks for ALL your great calls! Listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear some of them!

Jon read a story in the news about Justin Beiber doing a concert in Norway! Authorities are so worried that children will skip school, they've moved their exams to another date! I joked that one day you will probably be able to do a "Justin Beiber Degree". Jon & Helen told me there is one already to study David Beckham! Bonkers!

Today's BUZZ ABOUT TOWN question was...The world's most widely sold musical instrument is ______________??? The answer was: The Harmonica! No one got it right today! Another question at 6:20am!

9 Non Stop...Today was 1990! Thanks for all your guesses for the year! We played 9 huge songs and gave you clues like "This is the year Tescos Supermarket opened in Bridlington". Another year tomorrow at 9am!


On Paddy In The Morning tomorrow…



Hear more from my Street Of The Week in Bridlington! I’m recording more today!



Plus.. which former ENGLAND MANAGER wants to come on my show to help sort my Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team out? We’ve lost all 3 games so far! Find out tomorrow who it is!



We'll also hear from our Secret Sound winner Bobby as I hand over the cheque to her in Sewerby today!



Plus ideas of what to do this weekend on the coast throughout my show tomorrow morning!





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Playing with Lobsters & April Fools Gags!

2nd April 2013



On Paddy In The Morning On Tuesday

I asked Helen how she got on eating Lobster for the first time! She said they'd cut it in half but when she put the 2 bits together she realised they were different lobsters! She also made it "walk" and other immature things which should have probably got her kicked out of the restaurant!

Did you get fooled by an April Fool Joke? I did by a facebook status from Scarborough Business Link who said KFC were opening up in Scarborough and that Paddy In The Morning would be interviewing the big boss of KFC on Tuesday at 8:30am! I was there thinking "Am I"? Thanks for all your stories about being fooled and fooling others.

The Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team... are back in action tonight but I've had 3 players pull out! So.. once more i'm looking for a keeper and ideally 2 defenders! I even tweeted Bridlington Town player Nathan Cook about playing for us after he tweeted the show this morning about an April Fool joke his Dad (Mitch Cook) played on him!!

Also talked about...

  • Gary Lineker has tweeted about his annoyance with the BBC TV News.. He said “never will I understand why BBC News feels the need to give football results. Look away now.. 1-0!”
  • Motorists thought it was an April Fool when they got their petrol for FREE! Dozens got £20 a free fuel.. all they had to do was pose for a picture with businessman Mark Kimberley!
  • 80% of brits have every wall in their house painted white or cream! 35% are scared of using colour!
  • 8 in 10 Brits admit to being annoying on a train! 1 in 4 hogs seats by putting their feet or bags on them.. 30% fall asleep and snore! The most annoying habits include playing loud music and bad hygiene!

My Street Of The Week is... 3 in 1! Bridge Street, Prince Street & Queen Street in Bridlington Town Centre! I'm there tomorrow recording.. Hear what 3 things i'm looking for from the people of those roads by listening tomorrow morning!

Also tomorrow: The Wednesday Whinge! Go on.. get something off your chest and have a right good moan about something! We do it just after 8 tomorrow!


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