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March 2013

They want heavy people to pay MORE for plane tickets!!

25th March 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

  • Should heavy people pay more for airline tickets? Had a HUGE reaction on Facebook – Here's some of your comments...
    Adam Keld Are they gonna get extra room? Probably NOT!!! Pretty pointless when they aeroplane isn't loosing an extra seat for the heavier person
    Karen Armitage They should nt have to pay more, they can't help being overweight, airlines should cater ( have some bigger seats/ space) like they do for wheelchairs. Approx 4 on a plane. All people should be treated the same, most overweight( 18 stone) people have a medical problem, or could have other disadvantages we can't see. They probably need a nice holiday with no stress...No Way! ( I am 9 stone)
    Susan Thornton If they make bigger seats to cater for them Karen...then yes, they should pay. Bigger seats means less seats, so would be a loss to the airline.
    Bill Chatt Rubbish,if someone pays more they would expect a seat that fits them, and not one that fits an 8 stone match stick,and it would no girl trips to Spain as all the thin girls have fat friends.
    Vicki Honeysett Most people are over weight because.... They eat too much!
    I flew back from Qatar last year, in the window seat with a very very large lady next to me who spilled over into half my seat. She couldn't even put the tray down, half her food fell on the floor. Very embarrassing & uncomfortable 8hrs. Luckily I've a strong bladder & didn't need to get up for a wee!
  • Rachel Stevens was on the show… And revealed she HAS met the other 6 S Club members recently and they ARE up for getting back together to make some new music! This is great news!! Hear the 2 parts to the interview here....
  • The Buzz About Town... Today's fact with a word buzzed out.. 40% of all daytime tweets are about _________ ??? The answer was TV programmes! Another one tomorrow at 6:20am
  • 9 Non Stop... We start your workday with 9 songs non stop from 1 mystery year. Today's year was 1978!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

Traffic Light Bingo returns! I make the drive to work or the school run (for those NOT on Easter holidays) fun! It's at 8:40am!

Reaction to our Great Easter Egg Hunt today! Just how many eggs will you donate to us today?

I head for my Street Of The Week tomorrow lucnhtime.. this week it's BAXTERGATE in WHITBY. Listen tomorrow to find out what 3 thing i'm looknig for from the people of Baxtergate!


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Star Signs & my mum making bacon sarnies for half of Ramshill!

20th March 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Star Signs! What's yours and do you believe it can have an influence on your personality? This is some of what came in...

Steve Copus Taurus, very stubborn.Scarborough!

Meral Dawe am a sagittarius ( dec 18th) too some extent i believe in them it says my star sign is bubbly funny loyal can get fusstrated a little hot headed and wen ive read mine they are accurate meral from scarbrough

Jade Marie I'm a Leo (very feisty) and don't believe in what they say at all.. You make your own path in life chose by you not by some star sign

Phillippa Bailey I'm a Leo .. Loyal, feisty, loving with hot headed moments and stubbornness! .. I used to live according to the stars but now I have no time to have a wee let alone see what the stars have in store! You make your own destiny and life choices but I am proud to be a Leo

Jo Newlove I'm a Capricorn but I'm definitely NOT boring as Helen suggested lol! ;-) Bridlington xx

The Buzz About Town... Is a fact with a word buzzed out.. Today's was: 93% of _______ are bought by women! The answer was Greeting Cards!

The Wednesday Whinge...A chance to have a real good moan about anything.. Here's some of what came in...

Ignazio Mascia Filey road and queen margaret road traffic light!
Why do people keep using the left bus lane to turn left into margaret road blocking the traffic light because they all suddently think they drive a bus??? Is a bus lane for a reason and not a turn left lane!! Rant over!

Hayley Pickles On seamer road they have made a new road out of the shops near Halfords which is much needed however they have left the bus stop right there and done a build up in the road so you've guessed a bus stops no car can pass adding to the tail backs on seamer road which has had road works on since December - Just move the bus stop down the road a few yards!

Sharon Mason Flipping WEATHER - we just NEED some dry weeks and blue skies - end of!
Street Of The Week... This week is Ramshill Road, Scarborough! I asked the question: What's the best and worst thing about Ramshill Road to Will at Costcutter Express. His reply was "The best thing is your mum coming in every morning with a bacon sandwich Paddy". So.. I went round the corner to ask her about it as she hasn't made me one for about 10 years! I'm back there today so if you're around please look out for me!! More on air tomorrow from Ramshill Road in Scarborough!

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You did WHAT in the Queen's back garden???

18th March 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

Who was your first boyfriend or girlfriend at school? How old were you and how did it end? This is some of what came in…

Jennifer Romano Yep I was 14, it didn't impact on my grades at all because he wasn't in the same year so we had no classes together, it ended terribly!

Gill Maher I was 7 , his name is Neil, we are friends on Facebook, after me moving 200 miles away I've caught up with loads of old school friends on here!!

Linda White My first boyfriend was called neil. It lasted a week.. it ended when I saw him snogging another girl at the end of year disco. .. I was only 7years old. ..

Lee Williams At brid school my 1st girlfriend was called lisa but after her i like a lass called caroline for the rest of secondary school.nice memories but happily married now

Elaine Helliwell My 1st boyfriend was called Squirel? We were 12 & 13 went out for a few years till i was 20? ended when i found out he was going home early?? To chat up the bird at another pub?? Lol xxx

Dave Garrity Dawn Lumb was my first girlfriend at secondary school had a few since her but have a beutifull wife now and three sons oh and she moved away thats how it ended, brid

The Buzz About Town.. Smokers will try to give up an average ____ times before they actually manage to quit! The answer was 4!

TrafficLightBingoThe new game at 8:40am which makes the drive to work or the school run FUN! 100 points if you’re stationary and can see a red light. 200 points if it’s temporary lights and 300 if it’s the day’s specific set of lights which today was the junction of Queensgate/ St John’s Street in Brid.

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day… Which local village used to be called Ocilli Prom? It’s Flamborough! I also mentioned that the longest cave at Flamborough is apparently 50 metres in length! Wow! Got a fact? Email:

9 Non Stop… Today was 1974.. the year Alan Aykbourn threatened to quit Scarborough, Bridlington became a town in Humberside and Leon Brittan became Whitby MP.

I also talked about…

Gwyneth Paltrow has a full page in The Sun today.. The shock headline.. My Marriage is complicated.. She says her marriage to Chris Martin from Coldplay is not perfect.. Find a couple who’s marriage is and write a full page about that.. That would be the big story! “Couple In Perfect Marriage Shock”!

Working mums are on the go for more than 13 hours every weekday, holding down a full time job and looking after the kids.. They put in a 65 hour week caring for children, cooking, running errands and looking after pets on work days that start at 6:45am and only end when the kids go to bed at 7:50pm. Getting kids ready for school and entertaining them takes up 8 hours!

The instruction manual for the moon landing is being auctioned off for about £60,000 today! Who wrote it? What’s in it? “Whenever I go to the moon I like to land over here”

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

I reveal what 3 things I’m looking for from my Street Of The Week which this week is: RAMSHILL ROAD in SCARBOROUGH! I’ll be there tomorrow lunchtime onwards!

Here's some pictures from yesterday's Walk For Life in Scarborough which I hosted:

Photo: Give us a wave! At Scarborough's Walk For Life, hosted by Paddy from Paddy In The Morning!


Photo: At the start of Scarborough's Walk For Life! PADDY :)


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What gets you excited? And Traffic Light Bingo has taken off!

15th March 2013

Click the PLAY BUTTON to hear Friday's Paddy's Podcast!

On Paddy In The Morning on Friday…

What still gets you excited?... Here’s some of what came in…

Debbie Wallace Doing a charity parachute jump tomorrow Aaaaggghh lol

Samara Punter A good night out with friends

Suzanne Walsh Same as Jon Burke, living by the seaside. Moved up from London nearly 4years ago and still LOVE it!! (Bridlington)

Michael Heley Going on holiday to Primrose vally

Steve Barrett Bodycomplete Bootcamps are brilliant !

Elaine Helliwell Spending quality time with me lovely hubby John, off to last laugh tonight what more do ya need? Lol xxx

Sharon Mason Grand Prix - and the season starts THIS WEEKED yeyyyyyyyyy :) happy Happy HAPPY:)))

Traffic Light BingoAt 8:40 every day we do Traffic Light Bingo.. At the end of the drumroll if you are stationary and can see a red light you score 100 points! If those lights are temporary lights it’s 200 points! You get 300 points if it’s the days specific set of lights! Alison from Northstead called in really excited because after 5 days she finally scored points on Friday! She’s even been driving around looking for roadworks at 8:40am!!

Street Of The Week… This week is BRDLINGTON STREET, HUNMANBY – I’ve met so many great people this week and played out some more audio from St. Catherine’s Hospice Shop today! On my blog page you can hear ALL the audio I recorded! There’s some fantastic stories!!



The Buzz About Town.. Did you know they first sold Coca Cola as a Prescription for _________ ??? The answer was Headaches and Hysteria!

On Sunday.. I am starting Scarborough’s Walk For Life! Come see me at Peasholm Gap (right on the corner by the roundabout) from 1:30pm onwards! I’ll be doing a live link or 2 into Paul’s show too!

Back Monday from 6am!

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Ever had a lucky escape? And.. Football's Coming Home!

12th March 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

Ever had a lucky escape?... We got calls from Suzie in Bridlington who says she’s so clumsy she has lucky escapes daily and celebrates just getting through the day with a glass of wine! Tasha in Whitby called to tell us about her mum having to swerve out of the way of an oncoming car. They were uninjured and Alison from Northstead called to say when working at a supermarket, a cage of stock being unloaded off a lorry landed on her and broke her wrist!

Daffodil Watch!... We got people to tell us where they’ve seen Daffodils already! Whitby’s the place to be as they are already blooming at St Hilda’s School and in Pannett Park!

Chicken Pox… My 1 year old Leo has got it today! I mentioned how some (in my opinion strange people) actually take their kids to chicken pox parties so they get it when they are young!

Traffic Light Bingo.. We do this at 8:40am.Are you stationary at a red light when the drum roll ends? If so.. 100 points! And if you were at the junction of Victoria Road & Northway at a red light today then well done you got 200 points!

Street Of The Week… Today I revealed the 3 things I’m looking for from the people of Bridlington Street in Hunmanby. They are:

1)      What’s your favourite smell?

2)      Ever had a ghostly experience?

3)      What’s the best & worst thing about Hunmanby?

I’m there this lunchtime onwards.. and I’ll play out what I record tomorrow morning at 8:10!

The Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team… has its first game tonight at Pindar in the Scarborough League! I’m the manager! Wish us luck! We still need a keeper AND a kit! Ha!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

  • STREET OF THE WEEK: We hear from the people of Bridlington Street in HUNMANBY
  • PHONER: According to research, relationships work best if there’s an age gap of 4 years. Better if the man is the older one. So.. What’s the age gap between you and your partner? And does a big age gap matter?
  • FOOTBALL: Find out how my Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team get on in our first match in the Scarborough league tonight! Oh heck I still need a kit!!!!
  • WEDNESDAY WHINGE: It’s back! A chance to have a right good moan about something just after 8am tomorrow!


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Where do you spend your "me time"?

11th March 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

TRAFFIC LIGHT BINGO… Roadworks and red lights on your way into work will NEVER annoy you again! Because now they win you points! At 8:40am if you’re stationary and can see a red light at the end of the drumroll you get 100 points! Each day I also pick one set of lights in the area.. if you’re stationary at THAT set of lights it’s 200 points! Today’s was Bessingby Bill/ A165 lights. Here’s an email I got:

Hi Paddy, I would like to announce I am in the lead of your Traffic light Bingo. As I was sat at the traffic lights on RED at the top of Bessingby hill when you said now. There was a car in front of me but he was not listening as he was not waving his hands around like me as I had won 200 points!!!
Andy Brook

WHERE’S YOUR PLACE FOR “ME TIME”?... Mine is the Holbeck Landslip where I have my own rock (one of the Granite rocks that make up the armour around the landslip). You can’t beat sitting there in summer at high tide and the sound of the water swishing between the rocks beneath you! Here’s what else we got in…

Don Micklethwaite when i lived in scarboro i used to go to either the cafe on marine drive or up to Holbeck car park and chill :) miss those lovely sea views

Rebecca Woolass for thinking time i like to sit on the lifeboat ramp watching the sea. For me time all I need is a book and I can block everything else out

Louise in Sewerby tweeted me a picture! She was at her “me time” place as she listened to me today.. The cliffs between Sewerby & Danes Dyke:

I RAN 9 MILES LAST NIGHT… Along the seafront in Scarborough and all over North Bay and South Cliff. But I made the mistake of finishing the rnu half a mile from home. The walk back as the snow set in with those incredible icey winds on the Esplanade all but destroyed me! I was shivering for 2 hours afterwards.. even in a hot bath!

THE AMAZING YORKSHIRE COAST FACT OF THE DAY… Batman lives in Scarborough!! Look what I noticed yesterday! I use this road quite often but never noticed it before! Apparently this sticker’s been here months and months! This picture also makes it look like Scarborough is a town full of sheep!

I MENTIONED MOTHERS DAY.. And the worst present anyone could give their mum.. I gave to mine! Listen to Paddy’s Podcast to find out what it was!

APPRENTICESHIP WEEK… This week I’m following an Apprentice called Grace Fergus who’s doing an Apprenticeship at Beach at Yorkshire Coast Homes. I’m finding out what it’s really like being an Apprentice and what benefits you get as you make the transition from school/ college into working life! Listen at 7:10 all week!

9 NON STOP TODAY WAS 1966… The year Scarborough celebrated its Millennium, Bridlington and Filey got it’s Inshore Lifeboats and Radio 270 began broadcasting off Scarborough. Richard in Bridlington called to say he remembers the Radio 270 boat laying on it’s side in Whitby Harbour after the station went off air a year later. Here’s the poster promoting Radio 270 before it went on air:

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow…

  • THE BUZZ ABOUT TOWN @ 6:20 (A Fact asked by a Paddy In The Morning listener with a word buzzed out)
  • YORKSHIRE COAST RADIO’S SECRET SOUND @ 7:00 (If we don’t have a winner today it’s worth £1460)
  • SHOWBIZ NEWS EVERY HOUR @ 6:45, 7:45, 8:45

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She wears my boxer shorts!

1st March 2013


On Paddy In The Morning On Friday...

Al Murray.. the Guv.. The Pub Landlord.. was on the show today talking about his show in Scarborough in a couple of weeks! He says he’s coming to Scarborough to “sort it out”! He’s never been before but is looking forward to Fish & Chips and rain! Hear the full interview on my blog page!

Today’s Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day… was given to be by Chris from Stainsacre. He’s been working up in Teesside the last few days and met some famous footballers. This morning he’s checked his post and he’s been sent a load of autographs from these players! He’s no idea how they got his address though!

Jams Aconley… popped in.. He’s organising and performing in Simply Musicals which starts its tour at Queen Street Methodist Hall in Scarborough tomorrow night.

Do you wear your partner’s clothes? Or does your partner wear yours?

I mentioned my wife Lizzy who wears my boxers sometimes because they’re comfy!

Jon said he doesn’t but has gone to a hen do once dressed as a woman! And loved it!
Dan on travel said his fiancé often nicks his socks!

Also talked about…

  • Obese footy fans going to the world cup in Brazil will be able to choose supersize seats to fit their backsides on! They will however cost twice the normal ticket price!
  • A huge crocodile has been spotted in the River Thames but apparently it was just a prop from a james bond film!
  • A vicar accidentally projected a picture of a topless model during a sermon in Harrogate! Wonder how he explained that one!
  • 1 in 8 newborn babies now has it’s own twitter account of facebook profile!

What are you looking forward to doing this weekend? Here’s SOME of what came in…

Mandy Harrow Two performances on sat of the fabulous Burniston Panto Humpty Dumpty !!! and the famous after party at the hayburn wyke yeaaaa!! Mandy in Burniston x

Steve Creaser (Hopefully) Raising lots of funds for the RSPCA & an Otter Sanctuary at my 10hr "Music Extravaganza" on Sunday at The Bull & Sun on Baylegate in Bridlington

Helen Agar Looking forward to cleaning the house after a busy week of work. How sad is that?

Graham Dukes Booking a holiday from money saved from stopping smoking!

Sharon Nananutty Ellis We moving this weekend so be glad when its over tbh lol

Today’s 9 Non Stop year… was 1994!

The Buzz About Town.. @ 6:20 isA fact with a word buzzed out.. Today’s was: The Longest __________ was 978 days.. The answer was “Sneezing fit”! That’s 2.7 years!

Mike Nicholson is doing the show next week… I’m back Monday 11th March!


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