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February 2013

What's in your 'Bucket List'?

28th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

Tony Robinson was on the show talking about surnames on the coast which are dying out. He said FUNK was extinct so was surprised when I told him Scarborough Athletic’s Manager is called RUDY FUNK! Click the play button to hear the full chat with Tony Robinson!


Street Of The Week… We heard more from the people of Bessingby Way Bridlington including those at Blast Fitness & a window company..

What’s the one thing you must do in your life which you haven’t done yet? What’s top of your bucket list? Here’s some of what came in…

Lisa Whitaker travel route 66! with a Vegas stop off to get married. we had it all planned out for last year and a week later found out I was pregnant and had to cancel it

Sean Slinger Go to Tibet and Chernobyl (both very different holidays) - Scarborough/Manchester

Graham Pace See the Northern Lights and visit where the film Local Hero was filmed.

Jackie Kinroy Clark Morning paddy, My absolute dream is to be in the kop at ANFIELD singing 'youl never walk alone' watching liverpool lifting the cup for winning the premiership title:) Jackie from sunny brid

Coral Mccabe Mine is to travel to space in a space craft, then afterwards jump back down to Earth. Eastfield

Karen Barber Bungee jump outta a helicopter over the Grand Canyon... Was so envious of Davina McCall when she did it.. Was gonna be going next year to do it.. !!! xxx

Every morning we do…

6:20am - The Buzz About Town – Today’s fact:  _______ is the longest English word to use only one vowel.. the answer was Strength(s)

8:15am – The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day – Today’s was: In the small Mulgrave Woods near Sandsend there is not 1, not 2 but 3 castles! 2 of them date back nearly 1,000 years!

6:45, 7:45 and 8:45am.. Every hour we update the Entertainment News! If it’s happening in the showbiz world you’ll know about it!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

  • Al Murray The Pub Landlord is on the show to talk about his appearance at The Spa Scarborough (8:10am)!
  • James Aconley is on to talk about his Simply Musicals Tour which starts in Scarborough this weekend (7:10am)                   

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Scared of chickens? And i'm now an ambasador against dog poo!

27th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

What were you scared of as a child and still are now? Had a HUGE response to this on the phone and online too! Here’s some of the comments.. Listen to the brilliant calls on today’s podcast!

Sharon Mason Clowns and......clowns and no, I dont live at Cloughton aaahahaha Seamer

Suzanne Smith Its sounds silly but.... My shadow!!! its gets me everytime.... I'm calmer in winter but come summer I'm a nervous wreck!!! Xx

Ria Machin Stilts & masks, hate them, will run away in town if i see anyone dressed in either! {scarborough}

Liamandmichelle Dealtry i was terrified of the invisable man when i was a kid ,not so much now as i dont see him anymore .lol liam in brid

Jaye Sansom The dentist (isnt any1?) the sea (even tho am a bottomender) thunder (mum locked me in my bedroom during a storm+I was sick all over cos I cried so much) Seamer

Alison Pettit-Mellors Injections ... Even now ... Had a tooth extraction yesterday (which you probably saw on my Facebook) and in order to be injected, I had to be sedated ... And to be sedated they ha to out me on a drip thing ... Another needle ... So they had to sedate me orally before they could sedate me .... I remember nothing by apparently I still cried and flinched at the needles!

Kerry Green Flushing the toilet an going near a filter vent in swimming pool or going to deep thought vent would suck me in an pool had no bottom when it got deeper lol. Scarborough

The Wednesday Whinge! Go on.. get it off your chest! Have a good moan about something! I moaned about the amount of dog mess on the Esplanade and South Cliff in Scarborough in general! I got calls to back it up! Here’s some of what else came in. Again hear some great calls on the podcast!

Kerry Green Flushing the toilet an going near a filter vent in swimming pool or going to deep thought vent would suck me in an pool had no bottom when it got deeper lol. Scarborough

James Raw People who dont pay any attention to road marking as they abandon (not park) their cars, yes you maybe in a rush and all other spaces you cant manage to reverse into... But think of others needs and the danger you could be causing with your heap parked the way it is!!! Rant over.. Scarborough

Joseph Noble GO PADDY !!! The East Coast desperately needs an Anti Dog DooDoo figure head. You are the man for the job!!! Parts of Bridlington are Knee deep in dog poo.....revolting. (By the way I walk 2 dogs daily & ALWAYS pick up)...

The Buzz About Town… The World’s Most Popular Hobby Is __________??? The answer was Collecting Stamps! Another question at 6:20 tomorrow morning!

9 Non Stop… Today was 9 songs non stop from 2002! Despite it being a recent year (which is always harder to pinpoint) we had a record response on the phones and some fantastic songs from people like Moony, Milky & Minogue! We’ll be going much further back tomorrow!

Also mentioned… 4 in 5 people don’t mind buying or eating ugly fruit & veg! It bothers women LESS than men! I couldn’t buy a less-than-perfect cucumber or banana! Am I a snob?!

Street Of The Week… This week is Bessingby Way in Bridlington. Met loads of people working there yesterday. Played out some of that audio today. Hear it on Paddy’s Podcast & blog page online! More to play out tomorrow including the team at Blast Fitness!

Also talked about… my trip to East Riding College in Bridlington last night at their open event!

Back tomorrow from 6am!


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26th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

We were talking about the best present you ever got as a child.. What was it? And how excited were you to get it? Thanks for all the interaction today. Here’s just some of what came in…

Sharon Mason My most memorable present (but not best - that was my Tippy Tumble when I was about 3 or 4) - was a brand new shiney shovel - Christmas morning - my daily chore was bringing in the coal for out fire but my shovel was so buggered. Mine was the first christmas present to be opened that year and i had to fill the coal buckets before we could carry on. Happy days

never got it.... Ever! Lol

Shazney Pester My best Christmas present ever, ever, ever in the land of ever! was my "speak and spell" I loved it. Geeky but true. Bought one on Ebay last year paid £100 for it but don't tell my husband!!!

Karen Gatenby Hi Paddy its Karen many years ago i got a bugs bunny that you pulled a string and it talked my older brother came home from a good night out and broke it,i loved that bunny,lol

Helen Mason probably the thing I was most excited about was a bike, nothing special just a bike! But one I go the most use out of was a piece of plastic!!!! it was 4' x 6' sheet - the kind of stuff you get in clip frames - and it was fantastic - the hours I spent on the floor or table drawing, painting, cutting, glueing, whatever and not worrying about anything dirty. It was FAB!

Also today…

  • A romantic guy who released 12 heart shaped balloons was arrested for causing pollution in Florida!
  • The first satellite to be powered by a smartphone was sent into space yesterday! To test SCREAMS! The device features an android app which they developed to test the theory that “in space no one can hear you scream”. It will orbit the earth playing videos of the best screams! A good use of government money eh?!
  • Doctor Who fans will get to see the WHOLE Tardis in the new series including a swimming pool!
  • Remote towns in Siberia are populated only by men!
  • A groom kidnapped his wife to avoid paying the bills for their wedding! I take thee – quite literally!

Today’s Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day…

The Seamer to Pickering line closed in 1950 68 years after it opened.. on the last train journey people gathered on platforms and in the fields to wave the train through..

There were stations at Forge Valley, Wykeham, Sawdon, Snainton, Ebberston, Thornton Dale and they were all designed exactly the same! Got a fact? Email:

The Buzz About Town…is a fact read out by a Yorkshire Coast Radio listener every morning.. Today the lovely Daisy from Scarborough. We buzz out a word. You guess what it is.. Today we learned the myth of eating carrots to see in the dark was made up during the war! Another one at 6:20am!

Yorkshire Coast Radio’s Secret Sound… No winner today. Nathan guesses the sound is a penguin at Scarborough Sealife Centre. Lines open at 7am tomorrow for £1370 if we don’t get a winner today!

Today I’m on Bessingby Way in Bridlington 1-4pm for my Street Of The Week.. Then I’m at East Riding College's Open Event from 4-7pm

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow…

  • Hear from the people of Bessingby Way in Bridlington (This Week’s Street Of The Week)
  • Tony Robinson is on to talk about great Yorkshire Coast Surnames that are dying out!

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You know you're on holiday when... & Tasmin Outhwaite pops in!

25th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Monday...

It's Monday.. it's cold and grey.. I thought we should talk holidays.. I wanted you to finish this sentence: You know when you're on holiday when.. We had a huge response and you can hear the calls on the podcast! Here's some of what we got on Facebook...

Suzanne Smith when you see the fat brit... who resembles a lobster in they union jack shorts with a can of san Miguel in hand!!!! always seem to be geordie or scouse hahaa xx
Julie Gallagher When u look a brilliant white and the brits that have been there a week or so look like furniture wood stain far 2 much sun x

Jackie Kinroy Clark When I'm checking my handbag to make sure I still have our tickets and passports for the 50th time

Wayne Bibby When my wife wakes me up at 2am, 3am, 4am asking if its time to get up yet.

Over the weekend... I did a disco in Bridlington. The pub landlord emailed me after with the subject "The Best Disco In Town". I thought brilliant.. the disco went down well.. The actually content of the email read: "Just to let you know you left your 'Best Disco In Town' CD at the pub! Ah!

Also talked about...
  • A cop burst in on a suspected murder scene after hearing screams – before realising he had walked onto the set of a new horror film!
  • A dog lover says he will buy a FLAT for whoever finds his lost puppy!
  • Horse is BETTER for you than Beef according to a study! A professor says there’s no chance of catching e-coli with horsemeat!
  • A driver was subjected to loads of grief after crashing his car into specsavers! A passer by tweeted a picture of the scene with the line “should have gone to specsavers”! The shop window was damaged but the driver was fine!

Tasmin Outhwaite... was on the show today. Talking about why we should write childrens books and get creative! And also giving us an insight into her future TV appeareances including Doctor Who in a few weeks!

Street Of The Week: Bessingby Way Bridlington... Tomorrow I will be heading to Bessingby Way in Bridlington and this morning I revealed what 3 things i'm looking for.. They are

1) Got an unusual hobby?
2) What's the best thing about working where you work?
3) What was the best birthday present you got as a child?

Also.. I'll be at East Riding College in Bridlington for their open event from 4-7pm tomorrow! I'll be in the entrance playing some songs and doing some live links on the radio!

Have a great day!


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Drive Thru Furniture Shop! Want one?

22nd February 2013

On Paddy In The Morning on Friday

The Buzz About Town… 25% of a human’s bones are found in their ________ - The answer was feet!

The world’s first drive thru restaurant… for Cornish Pasties is being considered by councillors in Cornwall.. If you could have a drive-thru for ANYTHING.. what would it be?? I would have to go for Fish & Chips! Here’s some of what came in…


Parkin Fish and chips and def Kfc. but one bad thing is i dnt drive lol. we need a kfc sooo badly here, maybe when Hmv Has gne can hve it there what everyone think? x

Amy Marr Fish and Chips definitely x Amy, Filey c

Anna-marie Bruce A wake up drive through so when you drive through would instantly dress , get you looking good and give you calm for the day xx

Sarah Wilson Drive thru supermarket. At least that way you'd only get what you needed and not spend £30 when you only wanted bread and milk lol. In brid xxx

Diane Lester Drive thru mexican - nachos and fajitas – Scarborough

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day… Was about John Paul Jones the sailor and the bombarment of Flamborough Head.. Got a great local fact about a place/ building/ group/ person? Email me:

Helen on Travel… told us she wants to be a tree after she died! You can now have a new type of URN which is actually a coconut shell. Your ashes fuel the tree thus you become a tree! She’s very excited about it which is odd really!

9 Non Stop… Friday’s year was 1992! The year Brid Town started their quest for Wembley Glory in the FA Vase.. and did it! We’re going way way back on Monday! It’s 9 songs non-stop commercial free to start your workday!

Also talked about…

  • Sam Young aged 47 has booked a wedding venue and a dress and given herself 2 months to find a husband!
  • The best chat up line in a movie is Audrey Hepburn’s line in Charade from 1963 when she says “I don’t bite.. unless it’s called for”
  • The average British woman owns 17 pairs of shoes but only wears 7 of them! 1 in 20 has more than 50 pairs!
  • Britain’s meanest boyfriend is being hunted by police after doing a runner without paying for a valentine’s day meal!
  • Football players play better when rival fans boo them.. but they play worse when a team mate is being critical!
  • Fish & Chips is the food Brits miss the most when abroad.
  • A murder suspect trying to hand himself in was turned away in Malmo in Sweden because the police station was closing early!

On Monday’s Paddy In The Morning…

  • Tamsin Outhwaite is on the show to tell us about her upcoming appearance on Doctor Who!
  • I reveal my new Street Of The Week.. It’s somewhere in BRIDLINGTON!


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Pets with silly names.. let's make them even sillier!

21st February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

A Pet Special!

We had the boss of on and a relationship expert to talk about research they've done into how pets can affect life at home and your relationship! We also asked you if your pet had a silly name! We got a huge response! I also wanted you to put your pet's name alongside your surname to see what we got! We got some amazing calls on air.. listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear them! Here's some of what came in on our social media pages...

Amy Louise Windrass Winston Windrass...
Phillippa Bailey We have 3 dogs "Chester, William and Tinkerbelle" .. 2 Gerbils " Tom and Jerry" and a rather overweight hamster called "Peanut" Bailey
Lee Williams 2 cats-lola+charlie,both named after the kids cartoon.our surmane is williams-charlie williams! lol most folk under the age of 30 prob won't get it
Nerys Pickup Lucky wooooooooooowooooomybaby boy that's what I call him but is full name is lucky pickup < don't like that one
Desnee Charlton Thats an easy one 'jack charlton'
Sasha Woods'x smudge woods:)
Lisa Wilson our current cat is called "Ralph" cos the first day we got him he threw up everywhere.. but out old cat was called "Gizmomojofatsocollapsowellyboot" he got Gizmo for short though

The Brits! We talked about Ed Sheeran losing his mobile phone backstage last night. He said it was unlocked and had his new album on it AND Taylor Swift's mobile phone number! And he thinks he's going to get it back?!

Street Of The Week: We heard more from the people of Falsgrave Road in Scarborough. Poor Anthony from Imaginative Icing was 0/3 for the 3 things i'm looknig for! He's not married.. He doesn't drive and he got no valentines cards! He did give me some delicious fruit cake though!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Got this one from Jon in news. Filey has today been announced the 9th favoutrite beach in Britain by users of Trip Adviser! Great news! Got a great fact? Email me it:

More TV Stars Coming Soon To Paddy In The Morning...

Tasmin Outhwaite - To tell us about her upcoming appearence in Doctor Who!

Tony Robinson - To talk about local surnames which are dying out!

Kirsty Gallagher - To talk about how to make this Easter a great family holiday!

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Sharing baths and naming our cars!

20th February 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Has your car got a name?.. We had a massive reaction to this.. Here's some of what came in...

Emma Garrity - Bridlington. We've had polly polo, freddie the frog focus, topless tina..... the list goes on thanks to my children
Heather Jagger I had a Rover called Burp as the reg plate was BRP. Whitby. x
Jenny Wilson My car called harrison as its a ford
Steve BarrettI must have lead a sheltered life I have never given a car a name. It's a lump of metal with four wheels
Wendy Pedley Duncan! Cos his reg starts with PJ!!

Sarah Beeny off the TV came on.. with some money saving tips to get us through winter! One was sharing bathwater! Another is a Fakeaway.. with you doing a homemade takeaway to save the pennies! I thought getting a takeaway in was saving money! What did I miss?

Street Of The Week... Is this week Falsgrave Road in Scarborough! We heard from loads of people on Falsgrave this morning! I will be back there this afternoon making more people on Falsgrave famous!!

Facebook Fun... On Facebook you see these "People You May Know". Usually it's because you have mutual friends. 2 stars of Eastenders popped up in Jon's feed today! My theory is that they must be checking out HIS profile as he could pass as a Mitchell brother. He's grumpy, has a london accent and has the same amount of hair!

Also talked about...

  • A hotel is offering a bizarre “homeless” experience.. you can sleep under a bridge on a park bench for £7 a night!
  • A stunned mum yesterday gave birth to twins with a combined weight of 18lbs! Average twins weigh 5lb each!
  • A Cat has been reunited with its owners after going missing for 7 and a half years!
  • Twilight star Kristen Stewart has been named the LEAST Sexiest woman in Hollywood! 
  • 7% of pet owners would take their partner to court over custody of their animal.. if it came to it!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning

More from the people of FALSGRAVE ROAD in Scarborough - My Street Of The Week

Do you love your pet more than your partner? We have a relationships expert and the boss of on to talk about it! Also.. have you given your pet an unusual name? A list has come out of the 10 craziest names we give our pets! I'll share it tomorrow!


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Dream jobs and the job you're actually doing!

19th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today

What job did you dream of doing when you were younger and what did you end up doing? Here’s some of what came in…

Gill Gillard I wanted to work on a game reserve in Kenya. Let's just say being a night care assistant in a retirement home is not so exciting!!!! In Scarborough.

Dave Garrity I always wanted to be a stuntman after watching the fall guy but hey ho ill stick to being a plasterer then. From Bridlington

Sharon Mason I wanted to be a juggernaut driver across America, when I was about 11 - as in Convoy - it took my 5 attempts to pass my car driving test 13 years ago - think i'll pass on the Juggernaut bit - waaaaay too scarey!!! (Seamer)

Kat Garton I wanted to be a teacher from about the age of 6... and i graduated and became a qualified teacher last year - and whilst i'm only supply teaching at the moment, I'm living the dream!! (Scarborough)

Also talked about…

  • Hackers changed the Twitter account of Burger King to McDonalds and tweeted saying they had been bought out! It’s very funny but of course very very wrong!
  • A woman who bought a chicken from a supermarket was shocked to unwrap the packaging and find a plaster stuck to it! She declined a £50 gift voucher from the store!
  • The best song for kids to brush their teeth to has been revealed! It’s Gangnam Style! It’s all in the rhythm apparently!
  • The average boy under 10 owns 10 pairs of shoes.. the average girl under 10 owns 17 pairs of shoes! I’m 31 and I only have 3 pairs of shoes. My brown shoes.. my green football shoes and my running trainers!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day… Was about a chunk of Filey Brigg which you can find in Hunmanby! Hunmanby Hall is made from stones found at Filey Brigg! Got a fact? Email me!!

We heard from… some of the swimmers from Scarborough and Filey who are swimming the English Channel in July! Hear more on the podcast!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow…

I’m on Falsgrave Road in Scarborough this afternoon.. It’s my Street Of The Week.. I’m looking for 3 things…

  • What was your first car? And what was it called?
  • What was your first dance song at your wedding?
  • How many Valentine’s cards did you get last week?

Also tomorrow.. TV Presenter Sarah Beeny has some wacky money-saving tips to get us through winter!


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Weddings and Katherine Jenkins

18th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

We announced that... Katherine Jenkins will sing at Scarborough Open Air Theatre on Saturday 3rd August along with the National Symphony Orchestra and the Yorkshire Regiment Band! I got loads of callers on air with their reaction and gave away the first tickets for the concert. Well done to Debbie Landray from Cayton who correctly told me that Katherine's from Wales (and not Iceland or Belgium)!

Win Your Wedding started today... All the info is here: - To celebrate I asked you for your wedding stories.. Here's some of what came in...

Claire Robinson Our cake fell over balloons flew away little boy was sick all over his suit didn't get first dance as my baby is asthmatic and ended up getting him nebuliser in the doctors. In my wedding dress. They now call me the run away bride xxxx would be nice to renew my vows and have everything run smooth

Lou Kilburn I used to dance with the hatton school of performing arts and Charlie had arranged a little cabaret show featuring songs and dances that had a meaning to us so as I'm sat there at the royal hotel,Scarborough, out pops Charlie boy in full ballet attire, dancing his socks off.... It was absolutely brilliant. And I did the can can at the end!

Amanda Richardson Was Adams We had a bradford bulls wedding the Mascot got his head stuck in the wedding car outside church the vicar had a small spider running up and down his shirt during Our vows and When my dad was walking over to have his picture taken his pants fell down and When we got to the hotel at night my hubby slipped down three stairs as his hire shoes were so slippy it was all memorable as it was so unusual my cousin rang calender and they came and did a piece on us for their show

I also mentioned...

TV Addict children are more likely to become psychopathic criminals as adults!! Children should watch no more than 2 hours a day according to this study!

In China they are building a full size replica of Titanic! But the ship will have an extra safety deck and powered lifeboats! I can book a ticket now!

Almost half of brits are using gadgets to chat to people in the same house as them! We all do this don't we? My wife FaceTimed me from the next room over the weekend!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

  • We hear from 7 Scarborough swimmers taking on the English Channel in July. They are doing a fundraiser today!
  • We get some more funny wedding stories on air!
  • I reveal what 3 things i'm looking for from the people of Falsgrave Road in Scarborough (my street of the week). I head out to Falsgrave with a microphone tomorrow afternoon!


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Boy George on the show and The Saturdays are coming!

15th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Friday

THE SATURDAYS are coming! We brought you the official announcement that The Saturdays will plat Scarborough Open Air Theatre on Saturday 24th August! We also gave away the first tickets for that concert! Well done to Janet from Sleights who won them! Listen to the podcast to hear some Saturday song clips and loads of callers reacting to the news plus the moment Janet won the tickets!

Jess Kenyon OMG YESSSSS!

Another great act! Well done guys, your really getting scarborough on the map!

Really want those saturdays ticketsssss!

omg soooo getting tickets for this !!!! Will have one happy hubby he loves them :-)

Woah what a summer! Olly murs, the Saturdays, leona, status quo, mcfly, the wanted and happy Mondays

omg, The Saturdays is coming to Scarborough!!!

BOY GEORGE WAS ON THE SHOW!... He plays Coastival at The Spa tomorrow night not singing but DJ'ing! We had a great chat about Scarborough.. a place he loves! Here's the full interview!

WHITBY & SCARBOROUGH WITH DJ DEX... I said hello to loads of people today that I met with DJ DEX in Whitby and Scarborough yesterday as we handed out Valentine's Balloons and Valentine's hugs!

Tomorrow morning I will be doing a live update from the OLLY MURS concert tickets queue! Look out for me!

We'll also have reaction to KAISER CHIEFS in BRIDLINGTON

On Monday i'll be bringing you yet ANOTHER Official Announcement for another big show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre!

I've got a new Street Of The Week. It's somewhere in Scarborough next week! Find out where on Monday!

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A Slushfest but an upset travel girl gets no proposal!

14th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Valentine's Day.. I asked for a slushfest and that's exactly what I got! Thanks for all the lovely and funny voicemails left! Click the play button below to hear them! Oh and best wishes to my Postie. He's done his back in today walking up the steps to my flat. Sheer weight of cards apparently... ;)


Helen on Travel is NOT a happy bunny... She's been away to Bratislava with her boyfriend and they had a lovely time. BUT she was hoping and expecting to get a proposal. It didn't happen! listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear the hilarious chat we had with her this morning! Hilarious for us.. not so funny for her!

Today I am... Heading into Scarborough Town Centre with a load of red valentine's balloons with DJ Dex! Look out for us after 1pm! At 12 noon it's THE DENTIST for 3, yes 3 fillings! I may not have a good speaking voice for my trip into town later.. We shall see!

I Also Talked About...

A man got injured after he tried to cuddle a moose in America. The moose then trampled on him. He should be OK!

A UK bound EasyJet plane had a lucky escape when Pilots forgot the runway had been shortened in Prague!

Doctors operated to remove 42 magnets from a 1 year old’s stomach after her ate them! They included every letter in the Russian alphabet in the form of magnets left on the fridge at home!

A driver nodded off at the wheel.. ploughed down an embankment into a STREAM.. and was found by rescuers still snoring!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

BOY GEORGE is on the show talking about DJ'ing at this weekend's COASTIVAL!


Have a great day!


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Major Public Embarrassment!

13th February 2013


  On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Pancake Disaster! Well.. I had to face the music and talk about a wonderful event yesterday: Scarborough's Strictly Pancakes in the town centre. All went really well until I fell over doing the assault course! What made it even worse was that I wasn't even racing against anyone! There are pictures and video doing the rounds! It was a laugh and rather painful too! But thanks for coming to support that great annual event!

1st Day Of Lent... What are YOU giving up? I've given up Crisps and Chocolate! It was going to be watching football but on day 1 of Lent it's Real Madrid V Manchester United... NO CHANCE! We had a huge response to this. Here's some of what came in...

Suzanne Walsh - As a family we are giving up biscuits, choc, sweets, crisps and cake. Our kids are 11 and 9 so a real challenge for them!!!! We are also going veggie for 6 weeks, can't think why!!!!
Nettie Fawley - My son 1 year gave up his RE homework I asked him why and he said for religious purposes and my daughter yet again as given up fruit and veg I don't think so somehow Scarborough
Claire Louise Saunders -Anything that has sugar in as taking opportunity to start a diet ready for Katie Bodman's wedding :)) which is shortly after Easter!
Kelly Lovestopartyy Woods - i just give my sleep up because i cant get to sleep xxx scarborough

Street Of The Week: Coach Road in Sleights... Hi to everyone I met on Coach Road in Sleights yesterday afternoon! Played out some great audio on the show this morning! Here it here:

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

Each hour we'll do a SLUSHFEST! I'll play out sickly messages of love which i'm recording today! And also asking you: What would your reaction be if you got NOTHING? Apparently HALF of WOMEAN say they wouldn't mind!! That CAN'T BE TRUE! Can it??!

Enjoy the snow.. AGAIN!



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Half Term.... For some!

11th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today

  • I mentioned the unusual situation we have this week where some schools on the coast are on Half Term.. most have to wait until next week.. Does his affect you? We got a big reaction.. Here’s some of it…

Sally Campbell My son is at east riding college in Bridlington and i work in a school for North Yorkshire county council and we have different half terms. It has made it impossible for us to go on holiday together!

Caroline Broadhead Should be sorted out. I'm a full-time teacher in Brid with a 5 and 9 yr old at school in Scarb. I work hard and long hours and look forward to spending quality time with my children in hols. I am however going to enjoy the school run this week, something I hardly ever get chance to do normally!

Sue Greenley All my children go to north yorkshire schools and I work for nycc, the hardest thing I found was teacher training days. I had primary and secondary school children and we rarely had same ones off together.

Sarah Heslehurst yes, I work in a North Yorkshire school but live in East Yorkshire so i cant spend the half term with my children and have to rely on grandma to have them for the week:(

Jo Miles I've booked to take my kids to watch football this half term or so I thought then I discovered our half term is different to every1 else's!! Now they have school after going to an evening game and not getting home till gone midnight wish they would just keep all holidays the same it's a real ball ache when there at different times.

  • Also.. I wanted to hear about your HOLIDAY DISASTERS… Here’s some of the s  ocial media stuff that came in…

Gill Maher Cayo Coco in Cuba! ! Minging stinky swamp under the main part of the hotel, probably the cause of 8 days of "THE TROTS" damp smelly rooms, toilet held together with string. And sooooooooo boring unless you pay for trips, if you want to "see" the real Cuba you must go onto the mainland.

John Walker malia last year second day of holiday slipped coming out of shower, only sprained my left ankle, but hobbling around for 2 weeks then got bitten a few days later on the right foot which then got infected so had the other foot bandaged up as well

Charlotte Mason Fell over in a club in Benidorm and ended up in a hospital on my own 17 miles away!!! Woke up the next day with my leg in a cast and paying a fortune to fine my hotel!!!!! (Scarborough)

Apparently 3 in 5 of us start our holiday wearing the wrong clothing! We’re getting off our plane in the Caribbean wearing our woolies! 1 in 10 get changed in the plane toilet. But is there really enough room to do that? Plane toilets are tiny!

9 Non Stop was 1976 today! Another year of great songs tomorrow at 9!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

  • Hear from the people of EASTBOROUGH in Scarborough with “what are you giving up for Lent”? I’m on Eastborough this afternoon with our shopping local stickers too!
  • Also.. Are you a woman  desperate to attract a man? The answer is simple! I’ll reveal all tomorrow!
  • And after Strictly Pancakes in Scarborough tomorrow lunchtime, I’ll be heading to my Street of The Week which this week is Coach Road, Sleights! The 3 things I’m looking for (it’s a love theme) are:

1)      What’s your partner’s worst habit?

2)      How did you get proposed to/ or propose?

3)      Who was your first kiss with?

I’ll also be sticking up our ‘Say Yes To Shopping Local’ stickers.

Later this week…..

Wednesday:  We celebrate being SINGLE the day BEFORE the slushiness of Valentine’s Day!

Thursday: Valentine’s Day! I’ll be recording messages on the street on Wednesday to play out on Thursday. You can also record a message on the phone on Thursday morning!

Friday: Boy George is on the show ahead of his performance in Scarborough DJ’ing this weekend!


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Olly Murs is coming back to #Scarbados!

8th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Friday

OLLY MURS is coming back to Scarborough! He famously tweeted how much he loved calling Scarborough #Scarbados when he visited last summer! He really must love it on the coast because he'll be back on Thursday 6th June! For more info visit:

Some of the reaction:

Amanda Richardson Was Adams Well i am over the moon that He.s back seeing as i promised my daughter i would take her but gotta say ycr ya don't believe in making it easy for me do you . . . putting the tickets on sale 3 days before my sons birthday tut tut sulking with ya now hope my tree in back garden decides to let me have some money from it...

Jodie Farndale Get innnnnn!! Skint like but will defo be getting a ticket!! Xxxx

Andrea Dixon I'm going to get tickets this time x

Photo: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Olly Murs is to return to Scarborough Open Air Theatre on Thursday 6 June 2013.  Tickets, priced at £35, are on sale from 8am on Saturday 16 February from The Sands, Scarborough.

What items do you have but never or rarely use?... We use things like Toasted Sandwich Makers so rarely it's the equivalent of spending £10 per sarnie when we do! So.. what item do you have stored away at home which you never or rarely use? Here's some of the stuff that came in...
Zoe Law A guitar, thought I would be cool getting one and becoming a popster. But it has sat in my room untuned and used. Zoe
Jennifer Romano Vegetable steamer & guitar Hunmanby
Sarah Francis I use my slow cooker every week!! But I have a mini muffin machine that I've only used once! And a big kenwood mixer that has never left the back of my cupboard!! In Brid

ON SATURDAY: i'll be doing a live update from outside The Brunswick Shopping Centre in Scarborough between 9 and 10 to speak to the guys who are raising money for St. Catherine's Hospice by driving from Blackpool to Benidorm in an old car!

WEATHER:  If the snow hits on Sunday night into Monday i'll start Paddy In The Morning an hour earlier at 5am with live weather, travel and any school closures.

STREET OF THE WEEK: Will be in the Whitby area next week. Find out where on Monday!

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Cayton School Sign 2 Sing

6th February 2013

Sign to sing logo 2

On Wednesday afternoon Paddy and DJ Dex were live at Cayton School as they attempted to break a Guinness world record for the most people signing and singing at the same time! They were one of over 1,000 schools taking part. They also rainsed money for a national deaf charity called SignHealth:

Have a listen to how they got on:


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The things we've given up that we now regret!

6th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

With Rebecca Adlington quiting swimming aged just 23... I asked you to tell me what things you've given up which maybe you now regret! Got some fantastic calls in.. Listen to the podcast to hear them! Here's some of your comments on Facebook / Twitter...

Rebecca Clarkson The single life!! Haha I don't think my husband would be amused if he heard me discussing that on the radio.

Nicola Garnett I'm giving up my husband for 6 months of the year whilst he goes and works on the oil rigs in the middle if the North Sea!!!! Ps the party's at mine!!!!!!!

Stella Larkin Ballroom dancing! Was nearly good enuf for the old 'come dancing' comps that Len goodman judged! Gave it up at 15 for my exams!!!! It was also unpopular at the time( early 80's!) now look at it!!! Regretted it for years

Jaye Sansom I was good at playing the violin.Acheived grade 6 but my confidence got the better of me and I gave up.I always make sure I never give up on anything good these days,just the bad,hence 7years+one month smoke free.Jaye from Seamer :))

Street Of The Week.. This week is the Promenade in Bridlington! I recorded loads of stuff yesterday and stuck up a load of our new "Say Yes to Shopping Local" stickers which went down a storm! Listen to the podcast to hear some 

The Dentist... Gave me a good telling off yesterday as he booked me in for 3 more fillings! The receptionist said "can you make next Tuesday at 12"? The look on her face was amazing when I replied "no I can't. I'm pancake racing then"! Well it's true I am!!

Cayton School... is one of the local schools taking part in a world-record attempt today for the biggest singing and signing at the same time. I'll be there live from 2pm onwards to witness it!

The Buzz About Town.. Today we discovered that we're shorter in the evening than in the morning. Something about gravity getting you down?!! Another fact with a word buzzed out tomorrow and asked by a Yorkshire Coast Radio listener at 6:20am.

9 Non Stop... 1979 today.. 9 songs non-stop commercial-free every single morning from one mystery year and with some great local memories of events that happened on the coast in that year! Start your workday with more music than you'll find anywhere on your dial!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

More from my Street Of The Week: The Promenade in Bridlington

We hear from the children of Cayton School after their world-record attempt

Win £1225 on Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound (if it's not won during today!)


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The lies our parents told us as kids!

5th February 2013

Blog online later..

Meantime here's today's PADDYS PODCAST! Click the play button! It's just 3 minutes!


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National Sickie Day! Who's not turned up at your place today?

4th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

It's National Sickie Day! The day when most people (about 350,000 in Britain) pull a sickie! So.. who's missing in your workplace today? I had a call from Wendy in Scarborough who sounded dreadful (no offense) and was going to call in sick today until she heard me talking about it and as a result daren't! I feel awful! So bad I may have to take the rest of the day off work!! Helen on Travel said she once gave the excuse: I can't come in cos I've only got one pair of shoes and can only find one shoe"! I know that must be fake... what woman only has one pair of shoes?!  Here's some of what else we got in...

Fiona Strachan I once worked with a man that rang up work and said "ooh Im not coming in today I think ive had a heart attack...... But ill be in tuesday! Lol 100% what he said! (Brid)

Sharon Nananutty Ellis I did genually have a very bad dose of tonsillitus but the endevour was commin into whitby my now ex hubby talked me into going to whitby when we got there of course there were tv all over i ended up sat on a bench on northside cliff tops while my hubby went down into the town to see it but i enjoyed myself and had a big ice cream into the bargain but i was frightened to death someone would see me lol

Claire Louise Saunders Claimed to be sick when my then boss rang for me to start a couple of hours early in stead of starting at 5pm to start at 3pm I told her I couldn't as I had gone over on my ankle speaking on my mobile while walking round York minster! (That was 11years ago on the 11th may start of the Dante meeting) and yes I lost my job but met a great man at the races now we are married :))

Whitby Pavilion... On Saturday to see Tinkerbell with my family! It wasn't without drama! I spilt a drink all over floor which slid towards the lady behind me who had an expensive looking coat on the floor! I also left Leo's teddy bear in the theatre afterwards. When I went back in to look for it a little girl was holding it! I wouldn't say I wrestled the teddy off her.. but almost! She did utter the words "it's mine. I found it"!

TESS DALY...Was on the show talking about crabbing in Scarborough Harbour with her family! We'll look out for her and Vernon this summer! We also talked about our children as we're both parents of young children.. not the same children before rumours start!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was about King George III who was sent to RAVENSCAR by doctors to recover from.. GOING MAD! Thanks to Diane at Raven Hall who has since emailed me with confirmation of this story and i'll share some fascinating stuff they've sent through tomorrow.. If you've got an amazing local fact email me: and it could get read out at 8:15am!

Dropped my phone in the bath... Last night! Thanks to everyone who suggested I lock it in a cupboard for 3 days in a sealed bag of rice.. the thing is.. despite it being submerged in the bath for about 5 seconds whilst I looked for it, it's totally fine! Even the visible patch of water has gone!

Street Of The Week... This week is The Promenade in Bridlington! I'll be there tomorrow with our new "Shop Local" stickers for shop windows.. I'm also after 3 things from the people of The Promenade.. Weird Phobias, People who've won an award for something AND people who've always lived in Bridlington and always will! I'm there tomorrow lunchtime onwards!

I also talked about... Women who are overdue in pregnancy are often told to "have a curry". One woman did but the effects were quite sudden! Just minutes later she gave birth to a baby!

And.. a man has paid £60 to twin a toilet in his local church with a toilet in a church in Congo.. no idea why but he has!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow...

STREET OF THE WEEK: I prepare to hit The Promenade in Bridlington tomorrow afternoon with our brand new 'Shop Local' stickers, car stickers and a microphone and maybe even the marquee.. I'm looking for people with weird phobias, people who've won awards and people who've never lived anywhere else but Brid and never want to live anywhere else! Are you on The Promenade in Brid and fancy a visit?

TOMORROWS PHONER: What little lies did you tell your kids when they were small? Maybe you still do.. What little lies did your parents tell you to keep you in line?

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Embarrassing parents and Happy Mondays are coming!

1st February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Friday...

Do your parents still embarrass you even though you're well into adulthood? We got things like parenmts in their 70's who still give you their opinion on new partners or make married couples sleep in separate rooms despite benig in their 40's and with their own children! I mentioned how my Dad would give me my own team talk at school football matches after my team talk with our sports teacher! CRINGE!

We announced that: HAPPY MONDAYS are to play Scarborough Open Air Theatre on 22nd June! We also gave away the very first set of tickets for the concert! Well done to Yvonne Salt!

Street Of The Week... More from the peolpe of Station Avenue and Murray Street in Filey today on favourite holiday destinations, people who've never walked along Filey Brigg and those people with 2 jobs.

Mother in Law is coming over to Scarborough today... I remember once she made me a packed lunch. The promise was for sandwiches, sausage rolls, a steak pie, crisps, sweets. She gave me the wrong bag and I came into work with a bag with nothing more than a giant CABBAGE in it! I think it was accidental!

Bits & Bobs...

*Being a football manager is the job most desired by Boys AND GIRLS aged 11-16 according to a poll.. Being PM came 4th,,,

*A boozed up teenager broke into a police station, stole an officers uniform and started directing traffic...

*Firefighters in Wrexham had to rescue a CHAIR… it was on a shop roof and they feared it woud be blown over onto passing pedestrians...

On Paddy In The Morning on Monday...

TESS DALY is on the show! She loves the coast and her family love crabbing in Scarborough Harbour! We'll talk about that and Strictly Come Dancing and what else she's doing in 2013!

Street Of The Week is back with a road in Bridlington being announced on Monday as my next destination!

And win BIG MONEY with Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound at 7:20am!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Enjoy National Yorkshire Pudding Day on Sunday!


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