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January 2013

Insulted by the Master Chef... Well sort of!

31st January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Gregg Wallace from Masterchef joined me on the show to tell me about "The Death Cafe" which is opening for 2 nights in London soon! Chefs will cook the world's deadliest foods and if they don't get it just right then you risk actually dying! He also told us how much he loves the "gorgeous" Yorkshire Coast! Listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear some of the funnier bits including that insult!

We talked about... those things which you've never done yet everyone else has! Here's just a flavour of what came in...

Michelle Plummer Never been abroad , and i never will , i can't stand the thought of seeing big moths or any cockroaches - scarborough
Kath Frith Hardman Never been to new York (Bridlington)
Molly Moore Never sledged,,, or been abroad (Filey!)
Sharon Mason Never been married. Or woken up on special days, like Christmas or Birthdays, with the love of my life laid in bed next to me. Seamer
Sharon Nananutty EllisNever walked on the great wall of china ? Or been to iceland (the country) would love to do both lol sharon bridlington
Rebecca Clarkson I have never,drank alcohol,swore or told a lie......honestly dad if you're listening,wink wink nudge nudge.
Yvonne Salt I've never been to a music festival like glastonbury
Vanessa Mace Ive never changed a nappy thornton dale

The Buzz About Town... Today was a question recorded by Tracey from Filey. Did you know that 60% of women hate _________ ??? The answer was surprises! Steve from Newby then called to say "women always mean the opposite of what they say so it's probably 60% of women LOVE suprises"!!!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day...Was today about Filey Brigg and the myths about its origin! According to one of them it was built by the Devil himself, who, having lost his hammer in the sea, reached for it with his hand, but caught a fish instead. The Devil exclaimed "Ah! Dick!," which accounts for the name of the fish Haddock. Since then Filey Brigg carries the marks of the Devil's grasp on its shoulders!!!

Car Bumps... Apparently women are more likely to crash into a parked car than men but men are more likely to end up in a pile up. I talked about the time I crashed my car on the moors near Whitby. It was 30 minutes before my 25th birthday and I wondered why my insurance company kept asking if it was before or after midnight. When I assured them it was before they told me I'd have to pay £500 Excess because I was under 25! Aggggghhhhhhhh!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

 ***We have a big announcement for another show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre! 8am

***More from the people of Murray Street & Station Avenue in Filey (7:10 and 8:20am)

***I'm waiting on confirmation from ITV but i might be speaking to a SPLASH! finalist on the show tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed!


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Phobias.. I'm scared of fried eggs!

30th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Buzz About Town... We learned that only 19% of young people have used a video recorder! Another question asked by a Paddy In The Morning listener at 6:20 tomorrow!

Street Of The Week... This week is Station Avenue and Murray Street in Filey (same stretch of road) and we heard some great stories including Sarah from Dixons who broke her finger on her wedding day whilst walking along Filey Brigg! Imagine ending up in hospital on your wedding day! More from the people of Filey tomorrow at 7:10 and 8:20am!

PHOBIAS!... Helen on travel is scared of the sound eggs being fried makes! I asked for even more bizarre phobias and... we got them! Thanks for all your calls and comments into the show! Here's just a flavour...

Trisha Frankadoodle - Sand - hate the feel of it -
Christina Calder - bananas!! I really can't stand just the thought of them makes me sick!!
Rachel Styrbjarn Rattigan - I had a phobia of a rug my Mum used to have to the point if she rang me I would say, are you stood on the rug? I know you are I can't talk to you when you're standing on it, and ring off! Rachel, Scarborough
Maisie Gilson - Nail buffers, if someone gets one out to use I have to get away! (Bridlington)
Claire Woolf - My friend has lots of phobias - the sound of people clapping when wearing gloves; peas on their own, a pile of peas on a plate is ok, but one pea, NO!
Marie Mummy Burns - muddy footprints,especially those made by trainers which leave the pattern.When my daughter played footy she used to bang her boots together to remove mud,and it used to fall out in a solid shape with holes in,it made me physically sick.
Terry Anne Scholes - As a hypnotherapist I have come across some unusual phobias over the years. One lady who came to me had stopped driving as she was afraid of turning left.
Holly Oliver - The car volume on the radio being on an odd number! (Scarborough)

Ever had a run in with a PARKING ATTENDANT?... I mentioned the time I thought I'd try and not pay for a ticket as I was only going to be 10 minutes.. I got back and I was getting a ticket. I said "I was just getting some change". The guy replied with "well what's all that then" and pointed to about 12 "1 coins on my dashboard!!!! Helen on Travel told us she once threw a ticket at the attendant.. he picked it up and a week latr she got it in the post!

Today's Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Did you know that little old Forge Valley Cricket Club from East/ West Ayton won the National Village Club Championship Cup at LORDS back in 1986! Got an amazing fact? Email me! 

9 Non Stop… Today was 1973.. The year Bridlington Fair moved from High Green to Hilderthorpe Road.. Scarborough FC beat Wigan Athletic at Wembley in the FA Trophy.. and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway reopened after the main lined had closed in 1965. I always focus on LOCAL MEMORIES to accompany 9 songs from a mystery year... Here's a pic of Westborough, Scarborough from 1973!

Photo: Today's 9 Non Stop.. The year that...

+the North Yorkshire Moors Railway reopened

+the annual Bridlington Fair moved to Hilderthorpe Rd from High Green

+Scarborough Indoor Pool opened



Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

GREGG WALLACE from MASTERCHEF is on to invite Yorkshire Coast Radio listeners to dine at his "DEATH CAFE". He's going to cook the world's deadliest foods and if he doesn't cook them to perfection then you may die eating them! He'll tell us why at 8:10 tomorrow! He looks like a happy version of Jon Burke from News!

On FRIDAY... Another big Scarborough Open Air Theatre Announcement at 8am on Paddy In The Morning!


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Who'd have guessed Squash would be so much fun

29th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

I played Squash... last night and recorded the phone call when I booked it and using the name "Paddy In The Morning" I was chuffed to see the brand IS working as I got the reply "Paddy from Yorkshire Coast Radio"?! I also recorded 2 girls who watched my mate and me playing.. I asked them to confirm i'd beaten him.. one replied "yes" and the other "no"! The one that said "no" wasn't looking at the script i'd given her!

TOPLOADER... were on the show today ahead of their concert at The Spa in Scarborough next Friday! They told me it's the first night of their tour which means it will probably be their best too! They are really excited about coming to the coast! We had a giggle about all sorts of things! Here's the full interview!


What PET NAMES... do you have for your other half and vice versa! Thanks for all your great calls! My favourite came from Amanda in Scarborough who told me her son ETHAN has the name EBAY because they threaten to sell him whenever he's naughty!

Bits n Bobs...

  • An honest passer by found £23,000 and handed it in to Manchester Police.. Would you? I would!
  • A husband has won his court battle to throw his wife out of their home after learning she was once a man!
  • Tax Cheats faces will appear on Beer Mats in Russia to shame them into paying up! Sounds like an incentive not to pay.. how coole to have your photo on a beermat! Fame at last!
  • Kids are now trying to wear onesies at school! One school in Essex has banned them despite students wearing them under uniform saying it was to keep them warm during the recent cold snap!
  • Half of all British Households are in debt with the average amount we owe from loans about £3,500 in this area! That’s not including mortgages!

Tomorrow On Paddy In The Morning...

We hear from the people of MURRAY STREET & STATION AVENUE in FILEY.. This week's Street Of The Week on their favourite holiday destinations.. those who've never been to FILEY BRIGG and those who have 2 totally different jobs!

Coming soon...

On Friday.. GREGG WALLACE from MASTERCHEF is on the show!


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A 'Harry Styles Exclusive' and Helen's Reincarnated

28th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

We heard from 'Lilian' from Shameless... who opened the new Scarborough Weight Loss Management Clinic yesterday! She gave us 2 exclusives! Jason Orange features in her last-ever scene in the new Shameless which airs from February onwards. And she told me she'd snogged Harry Styles from One Direction! I believe the first but not the second of those "slip ups"! In this photo my daughter looks like a puppet!!!

Photo: Paddy's been on Victoria Road in Scarborough for the opening of the new Scarborough Weight Loss Management Clinic.. Pictured here with his 4 year old daughter Isabella and "Lilian" from Shameless plus Ken Webster who runs it! Hear the interview with "Lilian" tomorrow! Includes a Shameless Exclusive!

We also heard from The Wanted fans... queuing in the snow outside Escape To The Sands in North Bay Scarborough on Saturday morning! They were all delighted to get their tickets for June when i'm sure snow won't be a problem!

What a great show at Scarborough YMCA this weekend... Took my family to see A Toys Story and really enjoyed it! Well done all.. shame we left Leo's pushchair at the YMCA.. come to think about it.. what DID we push Leo home in? Hmmmm!

Ever dreamt about something... that's then actually happened? Or had an amazing case of deja vu? We got some great calls this morning and plenty of online interaction too.. Helen on Travel told us she believes she is a reincarnation of a person who healed people in an egyptian temple 'back in the day'! Odd!

Went for a run... Last night.. 6.7 miles.. well done me. Saw a CHRISTMAS TREE on the beach fully planted.. perhaps from a night out the previous night.. certainly very random!

Today's Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was about Queen Henrietta who took a boat trip to Bridlington during the Civil War! She landed at Brid dodging bombs and even went back when she realised she had left her dog in harms way!

Poor Micky the cat... He's a black cat that no one wants! He's been at the RSPCA for 6 months and Lesley from there told us that black cats are usually harder to home, perhaps because of their 'bad luck' myth! She said there's nothing in it so please someone take him to a good home! Call 01723 371935 or go to - HERE HE IS...

Micky The Cat

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow...

-TOPLOADER join me ahead of their concert at The Spa, Scarborough next Friday (8th Feb)

-I head to STATION AVENUE and MURRAY STREET in FILEY.. My Street Of The Week this week (they are both basically the same stretch of road) I'm looking for these 3 things...

1) Your best holiday ever!

2) People who have 2 very different jobs!

3) People who've never ever walked along to the end of Filey Brigg!


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Sleep Walking and Sleep Talking

25th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Friday...

Sleep Walking and Sleep talking! We heard from Helen in Travel about her boyfriend who talks absolutel rubbish whilst asleep. He recently said "I don't know what it is". So she asked him "what does it look like"? His reply: "An oven-proof dish"! AMAZING! You matched that wth your calls today.. Thanks to Dave in Scarborough who sleep-walked naked around his hotel in Cyprus! Next day he went to breakfast with sunglasses and a bandana on so he wasn't recognised! Hopefully he had his clothes on too! Listen to the podcast to hear more stories!

Scarborough Weight Loss Management Centre opens on Sunday with a star from Shameless there to cut the ribbon. Ken Webster told me all about it including how you could lose 4cm "today" if you walk in!

Bits & Bobs... *A lightning strike 25 miles away could give you a Migrane * Tractor drivers in SW Ireland may be allowed to drink and drive to "relive boredom" *Nearly half of babies are born to women over 30 who are having a career first and waiting to find 'Mr Right'!

Cost Of Bringing Up Children... A bloke called Mark from LV came on to give us some tips about keeping costs low if you're bringing up children! Apparently the cost of bringing up a child is now £213,000 oer child! WOW! He suggested getting vouchers for the supermarket shop, buying lesser-known brands and choosing holiday destinations wisely!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was all about Cayton and it's amazing statistic from WW1 and WW2. The village sent 45 people to WW1 and 60 people to WW2 and not one single loss of life in either wars from the village. Some say that's unique in the UK. Got a fact? Email

The Buzz About Town... Today we learned that putting a photo of a PET on your desk at work can make you work harder! Another question based on a recent survey on Monday morning!

Next Week On Paddy In The Morning...

We'll hear from those buying WANTED tickets this weekend!

More from the opening of Scarborough Weight Loss Management Clinic on Sunday!

A brand new Street Of The Week.. It's in Filey next week, find out where on Monday!

TOPLOADER join me ahead of their Scarborough Spa Concert on 8th February!

That and much, much more!


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Men in purple pull

24th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Men are more likely to get a date if they wear a purple shirt (apparently). Helen on travel thinks a guy looks great in pink, so does Louise from Creative Cakes on Victoria Road in Scarborough who recorded that fact for us.. I think a man in pink is girly! Though I did once wear a pink shirt!

We heard more from my Street Of The Week which is Victoria Road in Scarborough! We heard from Christine at EYG who's hubby to be told me she once came out of the loo with her skirt tucked in her knickers! We also heard from Infinite Wisdom (who ironically knew I was coming) and McKenzies Sandwich Bar! Next week i'm in FILEY so be listening to find out exactly where!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day was about Carnaby Industrial Estate when it was an RAF base in the 2nd World War! The runway was 5 times longer than a normal one and was East-West to enable planes landing from german bombing raids an easy descent especially if they were damaged! Thanks for all your tweets with even more amazing facts about the runway. They included the fact they used to light petrol fires either side which would lift the fog in the area to give a clear window to pilots even during thick fog!

We mentioned last night's National Television Awards.. How good was Ella Henderson? How bad was Kimberley Walsh? Actually she wasn't that bad!

Ever got lost somewhere? Or trapped somewhere? Had a great response as always including a call from Sandra in Scarborough about her then 4 year old who used to get lost "for fun". She lost him in a supermarket. First thing she knew of it was when the tannoy announcer came on mentioning a found child!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning

With news that the cost of bringing up children on the Yorkshire Coast has rocketed, I've got an expert on with some tips on how to save money with kids!

Loads of ideas for what to do this weekend!

Your chance to win nearly £1200 on Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound (should it not have been won today)!

The Buzz About Town.. 9 Non Stop... plus News, Sport, Weather & Travel


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Facebook makes you depressed

23rd January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Facebook makes some of us depressed or jealous because of other people's statuses! I mentioned my status last night.. Here's a copy & paste of it:

What are the chances of getting home, opening your passenger door and seeing all your shopping fall out of the carrier bags and into a pile of dog poo - only realising when your put your hand in it trying to retrieve said shopping? 2 kids in car and nothing to clean up with so washed my hands in the snow.. the Yogi Bear DVD and jar of coffee I'll have to go back for...

John said that status amused him not depressed him.. however he would definitely NOT be coming rounf the mine for a coffee!

STEREOPHONICS were on the show and I asked them if they fancied doing a gig on the Yorkshire Coast and they said they'd love to! After that conversation it went bonkers on Twitter to the point Stereophonics was trending on the Yorkshire Coast on Twitter! Here's some of your tweets:

Get the 'Phonics in Scarborough NOW!!!!!!!!

happy to do a gig at come on make it happen it would be amazing!! well done

never mind the oat prefect for Spa Grand Hall

What's your ADDICTION or OBSESSION? I posed this question today and got a huge response so thank you for that! Most peolpe said things like facebook & twitter were their obsessions. We also had things like:

Peanut M&Ms........ Omg they are just so gorgeous! Om nom nom, can't get enough of them but very fattening! Lol ;0) Lou, ship inn sewerby
facebook all time never twitter.. chocolate every day lol, Samantha in Whitby

Becky Smith: Buying radox must have 20 bottles + have to have a bath everyday
Steve James, Crossgates: Probably farcebook, dont get twitter at all, probably crisps, real ale and Carol Vorderman. (Crossgates)

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

The Buzz About Town.. A question asked by a Yorkshire Coast Radio listener at 6:20am

More from the people of VICTORIA ROAD, SCARBOROUGH... my Street Of The Week!

Entertainment News updated every hour @ 6:40, 7:40 and 8:40am

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day.. Got one? Email

9 Non Stop - 9 songs non stop from 1 mystery year to kick off your workday!

And much, much, much, much more!

Creative Cakes by Louise

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Nose Bleeds and do girls play Squash?

22nd January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

We Talked About... my game of Squash last night at Scarborough Rugby Club.. My mate walloped me full whack with the squash ball and gave me a 20 minute nose bleed! I asked Helen if girls played squash (jokingly) or whether they opted for Badminton more! She called me sexist and told me the nose bleed was Karma!

Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was about the old Monastery where the Priory Church in Bridlington now is.. and the uprising over Henry VIII' creation of the Church Of England and the Monastery's role in it. Email your Yorkshire Coast Fact:

Michael Winner... sadly died yesterday. Of the 30 or so films he made, I actually starred in one of them and it was filmed in Scarborough! A Chorus Of Disapproval was shot in Scarborough and he shouted at me for ruining my simple role: All I had to do was lick an ice cream on the North Bay Promenade... I ate it! Runners had to be sent to get more ice cream and the shot filmed again!

Street Of The Week... Today I revealed the 3 things i'm looking for on Victoria Road in Scarborough...

1) People who are SINGLE AND LOVING IT!

2) People who've made a FOOL OUT OF THEMSELVES on a night out!

3) The reason people got DETENTION AT SCHOOL!

I'm there this afternoon and you can hear the first load of audio on the show tomorrow morning!

Trivial Things... We argue with our partners about! This because I saw a couple in Morrisons, Bridlington arguing over the colour of toilet roll they were going to get! We got some brilliant calls on this today so thanks! Everything from who turns the lights out in the bedroom to towels that are left "too wet" by your partner!!! Listen to the Podcast to hear the best bits!

More School Closures... Today because of further snow. This is the 9th consecutive day of lying snow on the coast! Any problems tomorrow, i'll have ALL the weather/ travel/ news info! I've had good practice!!


Tomorrow On Paddy In The Morning...

STREET OF THE WEEK: Hear from the people of Victoria Road, Scarborough!

NATIONAL TELEVISION AWARDS: All the gossip ahead of the big show!

9 NON STOP - 9 songs to start your workday non stop, commercial-free from 1 year! We're in the 80's tomorrow!

And much much more..


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That white stuff dominating again

21st January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

The Snow... dominated the show once more! As soon as the show started, I was taking calls from schools with closures. Most of which were in the Whitby area. The weather on the North York Moors and Wolds has been particularly bad this morning with the lower coastal towns escpaing with sleet and hail showers rather than snow! Thanks as always for your updates on the weather, travel etc! You are our eyes and ears on the coast!

Gary Barlow in Scarborough... On Saturday night I met loads of fans outside The Futurist in Scarborough to get their reaction to Gary's show! You were blown away by him and touched... quite literally! He shook many hands on the front row and said Scarborough was his favourite venue yet and that he loved our Ice Cream! Listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear some of what I recorded!

Showbiz News... is updated every hour on Paddy In The Morning at 6:40, 7:40 and 8:40 and today we learned that Gareth Thomas is to spend £300,000 on building his own Ice Rink after becoming addicted to it on Dancing On Ice! We also learned that Rod Stewart faked his driving test back in the 60's after getting a friend to take it on his behalf!

Stereophonics... Were due on the show today but the weather and school closures took over proceedings so we'll air my interview with the Stereophonincs tomorrow morning at 8:10am!

Street Of The Week... This week is VICTORIA ROAD in Scarborough. I'll be there tomorrow afternoon looking for 3 things! Find out what by listening tomorrow morning to Yorkshire Coast Radio!

Snowman Competition... Had dozens of entries for the snowman competition over the weekend! Thanks for sending them all! Really hard trying to pick the best one.. but the 3 joint winners are....


Fiona Shackleton's (above) and Jess Teasdale's (below) and Helen Robinson from Whitby (bottom)

Finsherman Eskimo

Gruffalo Snowman

Back tomorrow at 6am or earlier IF the snow's falling and causing problems yet again!


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The Wanted Are Coming To Scarborough

18th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning On Friday...

We Announced at 8am... That The Wanted will play Scarborough Open Air Theatre on 14th June! So far this is their only UK show this year! I also gave away the first tickets (over a week before they go on sale)! They were won by Stephanie who won them on behalf of her daughter Rachel who's at School so won't find out til she gets home!

The Snow... was causing more problems on Friday! Thanks for your updates on the conditions. Julie from Hunmanby caled to say "WELL DONE TO THE GRITTERS" who had kept the roads clear for her last night and this morning! Makes a nice change having a call like that so happy to get it on air!

The People Of Flamborough... Told us that they are quite looking forward to the snow especially if they get cut off from the rest of the Yorkshire Coast! We heard from the Post Office and some kids throwing snow balls! Here's some audio...


The Met Office... were live on my show with the very latest forecast for the Yorkshire Coast and told me that there's no real end in sight to the cold weather!

What's items have you bought out of the blue?... We had calls from people who have bought pets on impulse when all they wanted to do was browse in clothes shops! They've gone home with a dog!

Next Week On Paddy In The Morning...

Street Of The Week... is in Scarborough! You'll find out which road on Monday and which 3 things i'm looking for from the people of that street. This last week it was Church Street in Whitby and I was looking for people who've never been to Whitby Abbey.. people who've been on the TV and people who are really gullible! I found all 3!

Reaction from GARY BARLOW CONCERT in Scarborough.. Monday morning! I'll be outside The Futurist Theatre on Saturday night to get your reaction!

STEREOPHONICS join me on Monday morning! We'll be playing their brand new single as well!


PS: Here's Flamborough yesterday!

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The weird things you use instead of an ice scraper

17th January 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

What random item have you been using to scrape ice off your car? I used an old cassette today.. the stuff you've been using is amazing! Jordan in Staxton said his girlfriend used her actual iphone to his horror! He's waiting for her to upgrade so he can have her phone! That wasn't what he wanted to see! My mum called to say she'd spent half an hour scraping the ice off her car only to find it was actually the neighbour's car! They were very appreciative!!

How cold was it this morning? You were getting in touch in droves telling me what ther temperature said in your car. The lowest we saw was -14C in Wold Newton but wideley it was saying -12C!

Are you one of those people who are walking to and from work and the shops on the road instead of the pavement! Those people are EVERYWHERE! Take care if you do because it's hard for us drivers to see you! But I appreciate the pavements are so slippy with the snow and ice!

Pregnant? Get your bump out! The latest advice is for pregnant women to expose their bumps to sunlight for at least 20 minutes a day! The reason being your child will have better eyesight! I said my wife would never want to expose her bump and that my children's eyesight was fine. Jon from News agreed their eyesight IS fine.. he remembers me telling him that Isabella said I had a fat tummy! Thanks a bunch!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day.. Was about the longest railway bench in the world which is on Platform 1 of Scarborough Station! At 456ft long it seats 228 passengers! If you have an amazing fact email

We announced another Half Price Dining Offer.. This was for the North Star Hotel in Flamborough!

Tomorrow On Paddy In The Morning...

-We have the Official Announcement for yet another huge show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre at 8am!

-With more snow forecast we hear from the people of FLAMBOROUGH on what life's like there when the snow starts to fall! How are they preparing for #Snowmageddon ?

-I'll be speaking to the Met Office on the show to get the very latest forecast for the coast!

- More from the people of Church Street in Whitby, my Street Of The Week this week!

- Build up to the Gary Barlow Concert in Scarborough on Saturday! Are you going?

Back from 6am! PADDY :)

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Bizarre ways you've injured yourself

16th January 2013

Click the Play Button to listen to the brand new PADDY'S PODCAST for Wednesday 16th January!

On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Street Of The Week... We heard from the people of Church Street, Whitby which is my 'Street Of The Week' this week! I'm after three things: Ever been on the TV? Never been in the grounds of Whitby Abbey? Are you really gullible? We heard from Catherine who told her colleague Becky that her prized piece of Whitby Jet (the biggest piece in the world) had been stolen in a burglary! She was frantic! That's just cruel! We also heard from Stewart Perkins from the White Horse & Griffin who'd been on TV only last week talking about the recent landslip in Whitby. He has a cottage right in front of the landslip. Much more great audio to play out from more people on Church Street in Whitby!

The Buzz About Town... Today's question was asked by Josie from Cheevers Hair Design in Whitby. We make 50,000 ________ in our lifetime? The answer was promises! That's around 62 per day! wow! Another question at 6:20 tomorrow!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Today was about the oldest house in Britain.. it was excavated at Star Carr near Scarborough and dates back 8500 years! Also there is the oldest example of carpentry in the whole of Europe! If you have a fact email

Most Bizarre Ways You've Injured Yourself... Had some amazing calls on this! Listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear some! This was after Helen on Travel told us she was off yesterday because she fell down the stairs! She thinks a ghost pushed her! Thanks to everyone who called today:

Alison in Northstead said she was having a bath. The phone rang. She jumped out, slipped and put her foot through a glass door! Bang her head on a cooker as she went down! Hear many more on the podcast!

I mentioned what happened a few weeks ago. I was walking home and noticed I'd walked in something. I looked back to see what it was and as I did I walked into a lamp post!

Can't Believe It's Taken Me 2 Weeks To Do It... I lost my keys! I always lose my keys! This morning at 5am I had to wake my wife up to help me look for them! She wasn't impressed! Even less impressed when my fumbling around woke the kids up too!!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow...

More from Church Street, Whitby.. including one guy who won a TV Dance Show in 2000!

Are we in for another dumping of snow on Friday? We'll get the latest on that!

I'll be announcing another great Half Price Dining Offer at 8am

Here's some photos from yesterday! I took this first one at the Harwood Dale turn off on the A171 between Scarborough & Whitby!

And here's another one...

Back tomorrow! PADDY :)

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Bombs in Bempton

15th January 2013

On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Snow was falling... So I started the show at 5am (an hour early) to relay the important info. Thankfully it was nothing like what we say yesterday. But some schools were closed and travel conditions got tricky as the snow started to fall again around 8am. Thanks for all your updates on what was happening where! And enjoy your 'snow day' if you're off today!

'Street Of The Week'... This week is Church Street in Whitby and i'm on the look out for three things from those that live and work on Church Street. I'm there this afternoon so look out for me with my microphone!! The three items i'm needing are:
1) People who've been on the TV
2) People who've never been in the grounds of Whitby Abbey
3) The most gullible people on Church Street#

What's the strangest thing you've ever found?...We heard from Dave in Scarborough who found a bomb near Bempton and took it on a bus to Scarborough Police Station. When they realised what it was they evacuated the building! The bomb was taken to Catterick and blown up! Amazingly he dropped the bomb 3 times on the bumpy bus ride from Bempton to Scarborough! Thanks for all your calls and comments online.. Paul from Brid said the strangest thing he'd found was.... his girlfriend! We also got:

Sandra Young from Whitby: I was checking a bag of donated goods at the PDSA in Whitby when I found a set of false teeth.
Dave Garrity from Bridlington: I was on honeymoon and found some volcanic rock on the beach in the perfect shape of a loveheart and still have it today.
Jackie Boyes from Hunmanby: A prayin mantis in my suit case after hols in cyprus!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was about Goathland and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway being the second longest private railway in Britain and Goathland being Hogwarts Station in the Harry Potter films. Got a fact about your part of the Yorkshire Coast or your local group or even an individual from the area email

Tomorrow On Paddy In The Morning...

We hear from the peolpe of Church Street in Whitby for the first time as part of my "Street Of The Week". 

I'll also be asking them to nominate their favourite building on the Yorkshire Coast too!

And i'll find some families having a "snow day" - Find out just how much fun they're having on the slopes on an unplanned day off school / work! it's an excuse for me to go sledging really!

Here's my Yorkshire Coast Radio Snowman! Modelled it on News boy Jon Burke! Although it's smiling more!


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A Snow Day!

14th January 2013

Click the play button to hear today's highlights on PADDY'S PODCAST!

On Paddy In The Morning today...

The snow arrived! All 3/4 of a inch of it!! I went into a petrol station and grabbed a milkman before my show to find out how they were getting on in it! The big snow is here this afternoon! Enjoy!

Where is the best place to go sledging round here? Thanks for ALL your comments, calls, tweets, texts! The top suggestion was The Dell in Eastfield! Other places included "Bonkers Hill" near Bridlington School and "The Beast" on Olivers Mount! Love how peolpe give these places names!

Come Dine With Me... was in Scarborough last night! And today I had 2 of the 4 contestants on the show! Phil couldn't believe Fran gave him a "4"! Then Heath called in to put the record straight over him and Amanda! Amamda also text me but couldn't come on the show this morning!

Warning... If you have small children and you're building a snowman then DON'T build it in your back garden or near your house! Snow melts, and they will be devestated when it does!! Try Dalby Forest instead then never return to that spot!

Who's Laughing Now.. A brand new clip and another off laugh but which film star is it? Back at 7:55am

Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day.. About the woods at Danes Dyke in the valley. Did you know the valley is totally man made and in fact the huge "ditch" stretches from the north coast of the Flamborough Headland to the south coast of it, like a slice almost making it an island!

Street Of The Week... This week's it's Church Street in Whitby and the 3 things i'm looking for are: 1) The most gullible people 2) People who've never been in the grounds of Whitby Abbey 3) People who've been on the TV! I hit Church Street in Whitby after my show tomorrow!

9 Non Stop... 9 songs non stop from 1 year and commercial-free. Today we revisited 1983, the year TV AM broadcast live from Scarborough and the first Bridlington Half Marathon took place.

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

The Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building... Voting starts to find the Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building..

What's The Most Amazing Thing You've Ever Found? We hear from Dave in Scarborough about the BOMB he found and took to Scarborough Police Station resulting in the whole building being evacuated! And how he dropped the bomb 2 or 3 times on the bus from Bempton to Scarborough!

Snow.. There could be school closures tomorrow. If so, we'll have ALL the info plus the weather forecast and travel news updated through the show! Follow @YorksCoastRadio for weather and travel updates from 4am for those earlybirds!

Street Of The Week.. I'm heading for Church Street, Whitby after my show tomorrow so look out for me!

Enjoy the snow! I'm off sledging now!

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Snow on the way

11th January 2013

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On Paddy In The Morning on Friday...

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day was about the Dogger Bank Earthquake in 1931 which was an amazing 6.1 and just 60 miles off the Yorkshire Coast. It twisted a church spire in Filey and saw parts of Flamborough's cliffs crumble into the sea and chimneys came tumbling in Bridlington! That doesn't happen everyday!Got a fact? Email

Snow Is Coming...But is it just false hype like a few weeks back? I called Paul from to get an expert opinion on what we can expect on the Yorkshire Coast! He said by the end of the weekend there would likely be 10-15cm on snow on the North York Moors with a mix of rain, hail, sleet and snow at lower levels over the next couple of days! Here's the full chat with Paul


Do You Work With A Relative?... Is your partner also your boss? And what's that like?...

Danny Connolly in Bridlington:"I work with my wife..... not only is she the boss at home but also at work but to be fair we stil get in great n work well as a team..... shock horror".

Lee Wardill in Whitby: "I work for the same company as my girlfriend, that's how we met and have been together for almost 5 years and have 3 beautiful children".

Nicky Phillips in Scarborough: "I work with both my mum and dad, in a family run childcare setting. Best bosses I ever had, Please say hello to Ann and Goy at 'Ann's Place' in Scarborough and wish Ann a wonderful time on her trip to Australia".

The Buzz About Town...Thanks to Tom in Bridlington who asked today's question.. we buzz out the answer.. Today we found that 2% of us would PUNCH and ALIEN if we met one! Very Will Smith!

On Paddy In The Morning Next Week...

I am looking for The Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building! Today we heard from Steve from Ugthorpe and Elaine from St. Helen's Newsagents in Scarborough who said West Pier Lighthouse ni Whitby and The Spa in Scarborough respectively! We also heard from Yorkshire Coast Radio presenters KEV ROBERTS and PAUL WOODFORD who chose The Grand Hotel and Raven Hall. Your votes needed next week!

If the snow's causing probelms on Monday morning then I will have the very latest weather and travel news plus ALL the local school closures should there be any. I'll also be building a giant snowman modelled on Jon Burke. An upside down banana should suffice to replicate his grumpy face.

I also have a brand new Street Of The Week! It's in Whitby! Find out which street on Monday morning!




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How on earth did you get that scar?

10th January 2013

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On Today's Paddy In The Morning...
Scar with a story! An old scar from getting knocked over by a truck in Estonia in the 90's has surfaced again on my shoulder! Rather random! So.. I asked you to tell me about your scar with a story! We had an amazing call from Trish in Whitby who has a scar on her leg from where she was SHOT with a Pellet Gun by her brother after she threw a dart at him! Happy Families!!!

The Buzz About Town.. Asked by a guy in Bridlington who's name I can't spell.. Oritse from JLS owns over 70 _________ - The answer is aftershaves! He must smell niiiiiice! Another question at 6:20 tomorrow asked by another Yorkshire Coast Radio listener!

Street Of The Week... This week is Quay Road in Bridlington.. My quest to find a hero, claim to fame and a secret continued.. Lou told me she once danced with The Roly Poly's.. I said "that's nice but  what's your claim to fame"? More from Quay Road, Bridlington tomorrow! Next week my street of the week will be in WHITBY.. I'll tell you where on Monday!

Who's Laughing Now... That clip of a UK star having a laughing fit goes on. It's a HE and he's really famous! Listen for the clip at 7:55 tomorrow!

Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound... Trish in Scarborough guessed "a gate on The Cleveland Way near Robin Hood's Bay". If it's not won today then another chance to play for £1040 tomorrow! Yes it goes up by £10 each day!

The Busiest Sea King Helipcopter Base... is the UK last year was Prince Williams! I wonder how many women conveniently ended up adrift off Anglesey last year so they got saved by Wills! I mentioned the time I found what I thought was a BOMB on Scarborough's South Bay Beach! I got the coastguard out with blue flashing lights.. turned out it was a large fishing weight! Oooops!

9 Non Stop... Was 1967 today! Memories of Harold Wilson, the British Prime Minister, doing a speech in Scarborough. Also the year the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Preservation Society were formed with the aim being to save the line between Grosmont and Pickering! Aren't we so glad they did!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

The Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building... I want to find the Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building! Mine's The Spa, Scarborough as that's where my mum met my dad and where I had my wedding reception. I love all the passages and spiral staircases inside and it's a stunning building. What's yours? Call 01723 588999 or email

More From Bridlington's Quay Road... My Street Of The Week. Plus all the events on the coast this weekend and the latest local news, sport, weather and travel.

9 Non Stop... Will be a more recent year with 9 songs, non stop, commercial free to kickstart your workday! But what will the year be?



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A good telling off.. and ANT & DEC in WHITBY!

9th January 2013

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On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Maritial Problems... I got a text from my wife Lizzy during the show complaining that one of our cat's had spent a penny in the bath! She was confused as she knew i'd cleaned out their litter tray last night. So she checked and found I'd put it back the wrong way round. The flap was against the wall so he couldn't get in! OOOPS!

The Best Job In The World... Jon mentioned in the news an advert to find someone to travel round the world testing out water chutes! What's the best job you've ever done? Thanks for all your comments, texts, calls etc! They ranged from being a train drive on the North Bay Railway to working in a Paper Knicker Factory where one of the perks was 7 pairs of knickers a week with the wages!

The Buzz About Town... Is a question based on a recent survey and asked by a Yorkshire Coast Radio listener. Today we learned that 10 million Brits have their lunch after 3pm!

Street Of The Week... This week is Quay Road, Bridlington. I was there for over 4 hours yesterday looking for A HERO, A CLAIM TO FAME and A SECRET! We found all and played out some hilarious stuff on the show today! Jean from Marton Road said her claim to fame was meeting The Queen, David Beckham, Prince William... when I asked where, she said in the Waxwork Museum!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow...

ANT & DEC IN WHITBY! Thanks to loads of people who've told us Ant & Dec are in Whitby today filming a TV Advert! We'd love to hear from you if you have met them or spotted them!

Ant & Dec Whitby

PLUS: More from Quay Road, Bridlington which is my Street Of The Week all this week!

AND.. On Margaret Thatcher Day (in The Falklands) i'll tell you about the time I met Maggie in Scarborough and got a right telling off for doing so!


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8th January 2013

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On Paddy In The Morning Today...

I played squash last night in Scarborough and was so excited to win 1 game out of 6 I played that I walked out of court, back to my locker and tweeted that I'd won a match before going back to court and carrying on! I've not beaten my mate Jamie in 8* years! *It may be 10!

Is Scarborough Upmarket? After Mikey North's comments on All Star Family Fortunes, I thought it'd be fun to ask some people in Scarborough: Is Scarborough upmarket? Martin from Coffee Cup Cafe on Ramshill Road said.... NO! His customers come in for Steak Pies and Fish & Chips not 'owt fancy'!

We learned that.. In Tokyo you can now go to a coffee shop and get hypnotised (for £7.50). I prefer cake with my coffee! We learned that sheep and cows in the south are being fitted with glow in the dark lights to stop drivers hitting them on country roads! Don't they have headlights?

Who's Laughing Now... is into its 4th day. We got some callers on who wrongly guessed that it's James Cordon or Des O'Connor!
The Dry Phone... is coming!! A phone that's waterproof! You could actually hold it nuder water in the bath and text away and it'd be fine!
The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... All about Flamborough Headland. Did you know that before they had the fog horn there, they would fire a ROCKET 600FT into the sky before exploding to let passing ships know the headland was there!!
Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning
Today i've been in Bridlington on Quay Road which is my first "Street Of The Week" but did I find a hero, claim to fame and a secret! I got some fantastic audio from some amazing Brid people who had me in tears of laughter! Hear it all tomorrow morning!PADDY :)

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Secret Sound Back & Leona's Coming!

7th January 2013

Check back here later for the first "PADDY'S PODCAST" with all the big highlights from today's show! So if you were part of it you can 'listen again'!


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

For those back at work or school for the first time in weeks, I knew i'd have to pull something out of the bag to help you wake up happy so...

Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound...returned today with £1000 the prize for correctly guessing what the sound is and where it was recorded! Jacky from Scarborough was the first constestant but her guess of "The Bungee Jump outside the Brunswick Centre" was wrong! We add £10 to the prize fund every weekday!

Leona Lewis is coming to the coast...And it was brilliant announcing the news at bang on 8am today! She will play the Scarborough Open Air Theatre on Friday 12th July. Tickets go on general sale in 2 weeks but I gave away the very first pair this morning and they were won by Dave the Butcher from Stepney Hill Farm in Scarborough so well done! For more info on the concert and where to get tickets click here

Beauty & The Beast in Bridlington... What a fantastic panto! Well done all the cast, crew and staff at The Spa, Bridlington for such a great show! I took my family on Saturday night. My 1 year old Leo disappeared at one point! He'd crawled under the seats in front so I had to do the same to retrieve him. So apologies to the gentleman in Row G who's feet I tickled by mistake!

Leo's Christening...We all had a fantastic family day yesterday getting Leo christened in Scarborough and then onto lunch at Betton Farm!

The Worst Day Of The Year For... relationships is today! So I thought we should celebrate them! I spoke to Claire from Scarborough who told me that the one outstanding thing about her husband is that he lets her have a lay in every other Sunday!!

Steven Waters popped in for a chat. His 14 year old daughter Vicky has Bone Cancer and is currently being treated in Leeds every day. He wants to raise money for the Sick Children's Trust who are helping pay for expenses. He's got a novel way to do it and told me about it on the show today. The Paddy In The Morning Show is hoping to be the venue for his challenge. Watch this space. For more info go to his fundraising page:

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

Posh Scarborough... After Mikey North (Scarborough Soap Star) told Vernon Kay on Family Fortunes that Scarborough is now up-market, I thought I'd ask the people of Scarborough if there's any truth in that! Hear what I got tomorrow at 8:20am!

Paddy's Street Of The Week... I'm heading to QUAY ROAD in BRIDLINGTON tomorrow lunchtime to find a HERO, a CLAIM TO FAME and A SECRET! Can you help me find all 3 in one visit? Email or call me tomorrow between 6 and 10 on 01723 588999!

PLUS: The Buzz About Town @ 6:20 * Entertainment News every @ 6:40, 7:40 and 8:40 * The latest local, national news * Travel * Weather * 9 Non Stop: local memories and 9 songs from one year * Half Price deal for The Ambassador in Scarborough launches at 8am * You get the point.. loads going on....

Back 6am!



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The Weekend's Here...

4th January 2013

Well that's my first few days done and thank you so much for the fantastic welcome to Yorkshire Coast Radio you've given me!

On Friday's show I mentioned my new hair cut! It's very short. After getting it shaved last night I picked up my kids from nursery in Scarborough and my 4 year old Isabella took one look at me and burst into tears!!! She was upset i'd had it cut so short! At least she didn't call me a thug like my boss here did!!!

I also heard from the people of Bridlington on whether or not they'd taken their Christmas Tree down. Mine stays up until the 12th day of Christmas (6th January)! No one I spoke to in Brid still has theirs up! And most listeners getting in touch during the show had taken theirs down before New Year! Scrooges! Here's the people of Bridlington telling me why they don't still have their Christmas Tree up!


Shocking statistics about the amount of people who text whilst driving. I mentioned the most shocking thing i've seen someone do whilst driving.. it was my wife successfully reverse park. It was 10th October 2009. I'll never forget the date! ;)

"The Buzz About Town" today saw Jill from Filey ask the question with a word buzzed out. No one guessed the right answer. The amazing stat was that 50% of men on the coast need their partner to choose their clothes each day! Need? More like get no choice! I sympathise!


The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day.. on Friday was about the sinking of the Rohilla yards off Whitby Harbour. 85 lives lost, many of whom are buried in the church yard at the top of the cliff near the Abbey. It was a hospital ship which either hit the rocks or a mine. Got a local fact? Email

This weekend i'm really excited as we're getting my 1 year old Leo Christened in Scarborough on Sunday. It should be incident-free and a great family event! What could possibly go wrong?

I hope you have a great weekend. Looks like many are taking it easy after the Christmas / New Year festivities with many of you only getting back to work for the first time this Monday. I'll need to make sure I do my bit on Monday to get you from bed to work happy!

Monday is meant to be the worst day for relationships with the festive period straining relationships and the temptation to flirt with colleagues at its highest point! We'll talk about that on Monday. Plus we've got a doctor on the show with an idea to help you stop smoking so if that's a new year's resolution for you this year listen in!

Next week is also the start of my "Street Of The Week". And the first one is Quay Road, Bridlington. I'll be there looking for "A HERO", "A CLAIM TO FAME" and "A SECRET". So if you work or live on Quay Road in Brid look out for me!

Happy Christmas for Monday to anyone from the Russian Orthadox Church.. and Happy Margaret Thatcher Day for the Falkland Islands on Thursday. I'll tell you the story of when I met her outside the Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough when I was a kid and why I got a good telling off afterwards!

Have a great weekend. I'm back on air Saturday 12-2pm and Paddy In The Morning returns Monday 6am!

I'll leave you with the stunning North Bay Scarborough sunrise I posted on Facebook & Twitter on Thursday! Enjoy..


North Bay Sunrise Scarborough

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There are some silly silly people...

3rd January 2013

On Paddy In The Morning today…

I withdrew £70 in Brid and then walked off before taking my money! I've just checked with my bank and the money has left my account! Hope I get it back! So today I asked you for your stories of utter silliness! Suzie in Bridlington reversed into a police car! It was an accident! Listeners in Filey told me about the most embarrassing things they’d done.. Mandy said she’s told a lost driver to go the totally wrong direction.. Another told me she’d been in a Filey pub, gone to the loo and come out with her dress tucked into her knickers.. I hate that when it happens!

Who's Laughing Now @7:50… Is a clip of a celebrity laughing but can you work out who? Today it was EMMA WATSON from HARRY POTTER. Another one tomorrow just before 8am.

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day @8:15 …Did you know Scarborough Building Society was the oldest in Yorkshire and the 2nd oldest in the UK.. I mentioned me wearing a Scarborough kit sponsored by the SBS back in late 80’s when I was on TV singing Opera!! Next day they delivered the away kit which they also sponsored as a thank you for the promotion on the TV!! GOT A GREAT YORKHSIRE COAST FACT? Email me:

9 Non Stop… Today was January 1996.. Today I mentioned Scarborough FC wearing a shirt with a YORKSHIRE COAST RADIO sponsor on!  And it was the season Whitby Town won the FA Vase! In Bridlington, a couple called in the Cannon from the Brid Priory Church to bless their house after ghostly goings on! Tomorrow we’re going way way back (1969 but don’t say that).

I Also Talked About… This Monday is the worst day for relationships.. because Xmas strains relationships and now people are back at work they’re more likely to flirt with colleagues.. So.. beware ;)

On Paddy In The Morning tomorrow…

The people of BRIDLINGTON tell me if they still have their Xmas trees up! I have and will have until The Epiphany on Sunday. 

This sound clip is from FILEY where Yorkshire Coast Radio listeners told me some of the silliest things they've done! See you tomorrow from 6am!


PS: I went to Bridlington today to give Jean her 24 prizes from our advent calendar competiton! Here's a photo! Well done Jean!


Jean Bridlington Yorkshire Coast Radio Winner

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My First Show!!

2nd January 2013

Thanks for all the good luck messages in advance of and during my first show this morning! There were no major hiccups and I thoroughly enjoyed being back on air broadcasting to my home stretch of coastline!


SHOP KEEPERS IN WHITBY... Told me their New Year’s Resolutions. Helen from a vintage shop said she was going to chill out more and do less (!) meanwhile Simon from Hippy Hippy Shake Ice Cream said he wanted to be less angry and grumpy in 2013!

Claire in Bridlington phoned in and said she doesn’t bother with them. Paige in Scarborough ate chocolate EVERY day in 2012 but wants to totally give it up in 2013! Lizzie in Filey is going to exercise more! I actually lasted 13 hours before failing mine to give up fast food. I realised at 1pm yesterday after I’d been to the Drive Thru!

8:52PM TONIGHT IS THE BEST TIME… To find romance online! More than 3 million people are making finding love their new year’s resolution this year and the peak time to go online is just before 9pm on the first day back at work! So.. if you’re single.. GOOD LUCK!

DOMINIC LITTLEWOOD… Popped in for a chat and to give us Yorkshire Coast home owners a warning.. January is the worst month for burglaries.

Dominic Littlewood

‘THE BUZZ ABOUT TOWN’… Is a question at 6:20 based on a recent survey asked by a Yorkshire Coast Radio listener.. Today’s question.. We spend a year of our lives looking for this and spend £125 a year doing so.. No one got it right.. The answer was “a parking space”.

LADY GAGA.. is offering her fans COUNCELLING after her concerts! If they need “to talk” there will be a bus outside the venue! She can’t think much of herself if she thinks fans need councelling after seeing her sing!

QUAY ROAD, BRIDLINGTON… Will be my first ‘STREET OF THE WEEK’ starting Monday! I’ll explain more tomorrow but in short each week we pick a street/road etc. I am given a challenge to find certain things from that street.. For example: A hero, a great claim to fame etc. More tomorrow!! Nominate your street by emailing

WHO’S LAUGHING NOW… Is a clip of a celebrity laughing. Guess who! Today it was an easy one: Danny from The Script sounded very irish as he laughed! It’s on just before 8am.

9 NON STOP… Today was January 1981.. Loads of you called in with a guess and were loving us playing 9 songs in a row to start your workday! Tomorrow we're in the 1990's!

On Paddy In The Morning tomorrow…

  • We’ll see if anyone who logs on to a dating site at 8:52pm actually finds romance!
  • I’ll reveal what I’m looking for on Quay Road in Bridlington next week on my first “Street Of The Week”
  • After I withdrew £70 cash from the Co-Op Cash Machine (ironically on Quay Road, Bridlington) 2 days ago then walked off without taking the money.. what’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?
  • And hear about an unusual rescue mounted by Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team at Levisham yesterday…

See you from 6am! PADDY :)

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