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The latest features about life on the Yorkshire Coast.


Lovin' Your Work

You know what Richard Griffin does during your workday, now he wants to know what you're doing... Every weekday morning at 11.15 it's "Lovin' Your Work". Richard visits a different local workplace every week, to chat to the team, find out what they do and get all the gossip! If you would like a visit from Richard and a chance to get your workplace on air, get in touch by completing the form below. He's always on the look out for five people to chat to - that's one person featuring each day for a week...He'll bring doughnuts...!

MP Diaries

Find out what your local MP's are doing in their constituencies and in West Minster


Paddy's Blog

Richard Griffin

Richard Griffin's Blog

Tom Hooper

Tom Hooper's Blog


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