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Richard Griffin

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When are you on air?

Weekdays 10.00am - 2.00pm

Saturdays 6.00am - 8.00am


Virgo. Can't you tell?

What was your first job?

I had a weekend job in a newsagents when I was a teenager. I got just over £2 an hour when I started, but I could eat all the stock I wanted. The boss looked a bit like Elvis during the Vegas years...

What was the first song you bought?

I honestly can't remember. It would have been 7" vinyl or maybe even a cassette. And it would have been cheesy and awful. I do remember the first CD player arriving in the Griffin household in the early 90s. Dad bought Queen's Greatest Hits to play on it and we marvelled at the "shuffle" option...

What was your nickname at school?

Griff. Schoolfriends and some old teachers still call me that...

What has been your best radio moment?

Asking Peter Andre "What were the two things that first attracted you to Jordan...?"

... and the worst?

Oh there's been loads. I've coughed through plenty of travel bulletins and mis-pronounced loads of words so they've come out filthy. We've all done it...and continue to do it with alarming regularity...

What career would you have chosen if you weren't working in Radio?

It was looking like TV for a long time. Don't you recognise me from my two appearances in Emmerdale? (Ok, walking through the background out of focus) I'd be making TV shows, if that first radio boss hadn't let me have a go at chatting between pop songs.

What are the things that really wind you up?

Not a lot really winds me up to be honest, but that won't do as answer, will it? So let's say laziness and a lack of attention to detail - especially if it's my own laziness and lack of attention to detail.

Who would you most like to interview?

Usually I'm more interested in real people than celebrities, but I'd like to get to know those famous people who don't give much away.... Basically it's anyone who's got a story to tell and not just an album or movie to promote.

Favourite film:

Now that's difficult. I'm much more into TV than film. You'd be surprised how many films I haven't seen. There's plenty of great movies made all the time, but I rarely go back and watch anything for a second time so no... I can't pick you one...maybe I haven't got one...

Favourite TV show as a child:

It's probably Postman Pat or something like that...

Favourite TV show as an adult:

There's loads. "Big Brother" was great in the early days. "24" was so addictive it pretty much invented box-set binge-watching. And which genius came up with "Deal Or No Deal"? Noel Edmonds opening a couple of dozen shoeboxes is surprisingly gripping.

Favourite song:

It changes week by week. I like loads of different stuff - things we play on Yorkshire Coast Radio and things you don't hear anywhere on the radio.

Favourite food:

I like Indian and Italian food, but I'll eat anything really, and I've definitely got a sweet tooth, so whatever we're having, we're definitely having pudding afterwards.

Favourite place on the Yorkshire Coast:

I can't narrow it down to one, so I'll do you a list. Almost anywhere in the Esk Valley, being blown all over the place on the front in Sandsend, the winding streets on the East side of Whitby, at Ravenscar looking down to Robin Hoods Bay, anywhere on the Moors where you can't see another human being, Hackness, Ruswarp, Sneaton, Castle Howard, Dalby Forest, Bridlington's Old Town, Flamborough Head, Burton Agnes Hall, Sewerby Hall.... tell me when you want me to stop...

Favourite item of clothing:

Ermm... not sure I've got one. I have got more scarves than one man can sensibly make use of. Maybe half a dozen. Not sure how that's happened. Looks like the answer is scarves. I've surprised myself there.

Favourite holiday destination:

I can't cope with lying on a beach doing nothing for anything more than a day or two, so give me some warmth, but not too much, some culture and lots of things to see and do.

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