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Paul Woodford

What is your Starsign?


What was your first job?

Silver Service Waitor in a castle! (no, really!)  

What was the first song your bought?

Aerosmith - Don't want to miss a thing (Technically bought for me by a school girlfriend at the time. I thought this is what was meant by "second base!") 

What was your nickname at school?


What has been your best radio moment?

The first time I pushed up the 'on air' slider and went live - I still get that feeling every time!

... and the worst?

Saying "I've been Paul Woodford" at the end of a show on hospital radio - like I was about to become someone else?!

What career would you have chosen if you weren't working in Radio?

A professional Rally Driver.

What are the things that really wind you up?

People making "mmmm mmmm" noises while they are eating.
Drivers who don't indicate.
I'll leave it there......
Who would you most like to interview?

Colin McRae (I know, I know!)

Favourite film:

Days of Thunder

Favourite TV show as a child:


Favourite TV show as an adult:

I honestly don't watch a lot of TV, but Spooks is about the only thing on 'the box' that I would plan my life around!

Favourite song:

Brian May - Driven By You

Favourite food:

Home made steak & ale pie. None of these cheating 'pastry tops' though please!

Favourite place on the Yorkshire Coast:

Oliver's Mount (can you see a theme developing here?)

Favourite item of clothing:

My blue suede Puma Speedcat trainers (in fact, I'm contemplating buying a second pair to keep fresh in the box and look at every now and again!)

Favourite holiday destination:

My family have a holiday home near Hackness, and I've been going since I was a baby - I have a lot of great memories and a beautiful part of the world. It's also on an old RAC rally stage...yep there's that theme again!