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25 Years of Yorkshire Coast radio

At 9AM on Sunday 7th November 1993 a new radio station was born. Yorkshire Coast Radio took to the airwaves and became an instant success, with thousands of listeners tuning in every day. As we celebrate 25 years on-air, we take a look book at the sights and sounds of Yorkshire Coast Radio through the years...

Taking a look Back

Click the link below to read a blog entry from Yorkshire Coast Radio's Managing Director Chris Sigsworth, who has been with Yorkshire Coast Radio since day one!

Click here to read the blog post.



Original Logo

In the Beginning... 

In 1993 Minster Sound Radio, owners of Minster FM in York, were successful at winning the local commercial radio license for Scarborough and the surrounding area.  Yorkshire Coast Radio began test transmissions in October, with the sound of waves and seagulls been broadcast, before live programmes started at 9AM on Sunday 7th November 1993.

Jerry Scott, Station Manager and Breakfast Presenter, was the first voice on-air.  The first song played was 'Scarborough Fair' by Simon & Garfunkel.  At first transmissions only reached Scarborough and Filey on 96.2FM.  In 1994 a new transmitter was introduced to cover Whitby on 103.1FM.

old office 001
old office 003
old office 002

Original Jingles

Yorkshire Coast Radio's studios were originally based on Falsgrave Road, Scarborough.

Click below to hear the original jingles from 1993.

Original Line-Up

Below is the original programme line-up as shown in the Scarborough Evening News. In the early days, programmes after 7PM came from Minster FM, and news was supplied by the Scarborough Evening News.

However, it wasn't long before local programming was extended well into the night and a new local news service was introduced to provide an alternative to the local paper.


Charity & business involvement

Yorkshire Coast Radio quickly got involved with supporting charities and organisations in the area. Here's Joel Ross and Chris Sigsworth helping out the team at Scarborough Lifeboat station on Boxing Day 1993.

Joel went on to work at a number of radio stations around the country, and has also done work on TV.  Chris chose to stay with the station, becoming Programme Controller in 1997, Station Manager in 1998 and Managing Director in 2010.

In 1995 a new logo was introduced to incorporate both the Scarborough and Whitby frequencies, and new jingles were introduced in 1997.



1997 pic


Bridlington's Best

In 1999 Yorkshire Coast Radio was awarded the license to broadcast to Bridlington and launched programming on 102.4FM on the 7th November 1999.




Change of Location

In January 2004 Yorkshire Coast Radio moved from it's original home at 62 Falsgrave Road, Scarborough to a new broadcasting complex at the Scarborough Business Park on the outskirts of the town.

Yorkshire coast radio logo


Ben Fry's Big fun Breakfast

Ben Fry joined the station in 1997, presenting a host of shows, including The Wind Down Zone, The Evening Show and Afternoon Show, before launching Ben Fry's Big Fun Breakfast in 2005.


Pictured below are former presenters Rob Langley and Richard Simister, along with a young Richard Griffin, who is still a part of Yorkshire Coast Radio in 2018.

25 - ben fry 001
richard old 25

25 - rob 003
richard 25 002

UKRD Group

In June 2009, the UKRD Group became owners of Yorkshire Coast Radio.  A new logo and on-air sound was introduced.  Wes Stakes joined to host the Breakfast Show.

ycr icon logo
ukrd group logo
25 - wes 004
paddy 25

Paddy in the Morning!

January 2013 saw the return of Paddy to Yorkshire Coast Radio, and the start of the breakfast show, Paddy in the Morning.

To this day, it's still the brightest way to start your day with £1000 Minute, Woohoos, Traffic Light Bingo, Showbiz News and celebrity interviews.

Tune in to Paddy in the Morning every weekday from 6:00AM - 10:00AM.

the Presenters

Richard Griffin has been with Yorkshire Coast Radio since 2006 and hosts the mid-morning show every weekday.

Tom Hooper has hosted the Afternoon Show since 2011, the show includes features such as The Gold Coast, the Celebrity Birthday Game & Tom's Afternoon Tease. 

Matthew Pells is Yorkshire Coast Radio's Content Manager, as well as hosting the Evening Show on the weekdays.

Kevin Roberts and Mike Nicholson grace the airwaves each weekend and regularly cover for the weekday presenters.

richard 001
tom 001
matthew 001
mike 001
kev 001

Expanding for the Future

At the start of 2014 we extended our premises to accommodate the new areas the business was expanding into, and we also began broadcasting on DAB Digital Radio.

ycr office 002
ycr 005
ycr front office


Today, Yorkshire Coast Radio is much more than just a radio station.  We are a local content provider, making our news, information and entertainment available on a range of platforms, including online, mobile, app, social media and smart speakers.

Local Hero Awards

Yorkshire Coast Radio’s Local Hero Awards was an event which ran for 10 years, recognising those unsung heroes in the area, with awards such as Child of Achievement & Teaching awards. The Local Hero Awards were replaced by the Toast of the Coast Awards in 2017.

iphone x mockup 003
local hero 002
local hero 001

Bring a Pound to Work Day

Each year Yorkshire Coast Radio organises Bring a Pound to Work Day across the Yorkshire Coast to raise money for Saint Catherines Hospice. In 2018, Bring a Pound to Work Day raised a whopping £15,000!
BAPTWD 2018 2

The Toast of the Coast Awards

In 2017 and 2018 we staged the area’s biggest and glitziest awards event, the Toast of the Coast Awards, celebrating the best of the Yorkshire Coast.


The Present Day

In the present day, Yorkshire Coast Radio does so much more than just broadcast our standard transmission day in day out, we also broadcast over Yorkshire Coast Radio 70s & Yorkshire Coast Radio Christmas.

YCR logo
YCR Christmas logo

YCR 70s logo