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Scientists find three new planets where life could have evolved

Scientists have discovered at least three new planets in our galaxy that could have allowed life to evolve.

Stolen Nazi concentration camp gate returned to Dachau

An iron gate stolen from a Nazi concentration camp has been returned to its original site.

Donald Trump 'to revoke transgender bathrooms rule'

Donald Trump is set to revoke guidelines which allow transgender students to use bathrooms of their choice, a White House document suggests.

Why Marine Le Pen's message resonates across France

It's an election campaign which grows increasingly unpredictable by the day - and be in no doubt, the direction the French choose (after whichever scandals are yet to come) could have a profound impact well beyond France.

Superbugs pose an 'alarming' public health threat, EU warns

Superbug bacteria that has evolved to be resistant to widely-used antibiotics has been found in people, animals and food across the European Union.

Marine Le Pen aides questioned in probe over alleged fake EU jobs

French police have questioned Marine Le Pen's bodyguard and chief of staff in connection with a probe into alleged misuse of European Union funds.

Chris Brown given restraining order over 'threat to kill' ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown has been ordered to stay away from his model ex-girlfriend following claims he punched her in the stomach and threatened to kill her.

'Refugees Welcome' sign unfurled by activists on Statue Of Liberty in New York

Activists have scaled the Statue of Liberty and unfurled a "Refugees Welcome" banner across the national monument in New York.

UK's £200m aid pledge to famine-threatened Somalia and South Sudan

South Sudan and Somalia are going to receive £100m each in UK aid, the Government has announced.

Kim Jong-Nam's body targeted in attempted morgue break-in

Security has been increased following an attempted break-in at the mortuary where Kim Jong-Nam's body is being held.

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