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National headlines

NI child abuse inquiry recommends payoffs for victims

An inquiry into historical abuse in Northern Ireland has found systematic failings in the care of children in institutions and recommended compensation.

Police Taser their own race relations leader in Bristol

Police officers Tasered their own black community relations champion after they mistook him for a wanted man, it has emerged.

Friends reunited as Osborne joins top aide in Blackrock role

Former Chancellor George Osborne is to augment his lucrative private sector income by taking a role with the world's biggest asset manager.

Jeremy Corbyn lambasts SNP as Labour launches fight back in Scotland

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has kickstarted his Scottish fight back with a blistering attack on the SNP.

Leonne Weeks: 18-year-old man charged with Rotherham murder

A man has been charged with the murder of 16-year-old Leonne Weeks.

New Gambian President tells Sky he will assume power in his country shortly

The Gambian president has told Sky News he will shortly assume power and considers the UK to be his country's number one trading partner.

Tony Blair to blame for Brexit, says Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond has blamed Tony Blair for Brexit, arguing the former prime minister was responsible for a "deluge" of immigration from the European Union.

Labour to call double by-election for same day

Labour is to call two by-elections for the same day next month.

HSBC to pay back customers for 'unreasonable' debt collection

Europe's largest bank is to contact customers to offer them redress after regulators identified 'unreasonable' debt collection practices.

UK-US trade deal 'within 90 days' of Brexit', Nigel Farage says

Britain could strike a trade deal with the United States within 90 days, the Trump administration has told Nigel Farage.

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